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Quick Summary

  • Dutch is a great language to learn if you want to broaden your horizons and opportunities
  • Even better, it's pretty easy to pick up if you're an English speaker or have German skills
  • Modern language apps make it simpler and faster than ever to go from zero to hero with your language skills
  • Forget time-consuming courses at a fixed time every week - you'll be speaking your first words in just a few bite-size courses if you trust your smartphone!
  • Begin studying Dutch with Babbel

Explore the Dutch language, one word at a time

Travel like a local Holland is a wonderfully friendly, beautiful and accessible from the UK, with multiple airlines zipping tourists over to Amsterdam Schipol in just an hour or two. The locals usually speak English well, but they are delighted to meet travellers who have learned even a local phrase or two. Why not show your respect and friendship by making the effort to say a Goedemorgan as you tour the flower markets of Amsterdam, the historic architecture of Delft or the university vibe of Leiden.

Sharpen your mind Forget the dreaded school language lessons of your youth (grammar test in the final period of the day, anyone?) - and supercharge your progress with today's high-tech language instruction methods. With content tailored to your needs and interests, rich media and an exciting community of fellow students, you'll find your mind sharpening and your motivation rocketing as you surprise yourself with the speed of your progress!

Open up new doors Whether you aspire to work abroad, travel in a more authentic fashion, discover long-lost family or to make new friends and contacts, it is so much easier to do so when you speak a little of the local language. You don't need to be fluent either; local people will be delighted when you make an effort with the basics.

...But learn the fun way! Forget slow classroom lessons or free content online which is invariably packed with unwanted advertising and may be of variable quality. If you are serious about developing your skills, pick up your smartphone and put it to work with one of the latest approaches to rapid language success; an app such as Babbel.

Tailored language lessons, as flexible as you are

Ever wondered why millions of language students have chosen Babbel as their route to language success? Easy. It has been developed by over 150 expert teachers who have packed their collective knowledge into a hugely powerful online course which is tailored to each student's needs.

The course content may be jam-packed with knowledge, insights and fast-track success tips, but each lesson is bite-sized and only takes a few minutes a day. Even better, you'll be speaking your new language words from the very first lesson, with native speakers using regional accents for authenticity and to help you navigate your pronunciation from Amsterdam to Rotterdam!

Forget being bored or frustrated - the content that you'll find on Babbel is fun, engaging and designed to motivate and enthuse you from the start. You'll never find your lessons a chore, and you'll instantly be part of a huge global community of learners too!

Features of the Babbel app

  • Content crafted by 150 expert language teachers
  • Flexible lessons designed around real-world situations
  • Voice recognition technology that guides your accent and pronunciation from the first lesson
  • Proven results - with 15 hours of Babbel instruction equivalent to a full semester of language classes at university!
  • A personalised and dynamic dashboard that lets you see your progress at any time and work on any development areas.

Perhaps you've been inspired to take your language dreams forward as quickly as possible and to strike while the iron is hot! Sit somewhere quiet and gezellig (biertje optional!) and take your first lekker class on Babbel.