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Quick Summary

  • With 76 million native speakers, the French language it's spoken aroudn the globe
  • It's the language associated with the arts, culture and "l'amour"
  • Together with English, French is the only language that is taught in every country of the world, with 100 million students and 2 million teachers
  • Begin studying French with Babbel

Why French is a 'must-learn' language

There are so many reasons for students to master this musical, intellectual and enticing language. Perhaps you want to read Sartre in the original or sing along to a little Piaf. Maybe you dream of touring some Burgundy vineyards or ordering cassoulet confidently in the local bistro. Perhaps you have aspirations of working in France, or wish to discover its history, culture, fashion and art in the original language? The experience becomes all the richer when you have even a few phrases and basic vocabulary. But why stop there?

Become a global citizen Today, more than ever there is call for languages, with plenty of opportunities to work abroad, meet friends overseas and to show your willingness to be a true global citizen. Le Français is a language that can take you anywhere, with speakers across Europe, Africa, North America and even South America, Asia and the Middle East. Discover an entire world in a new way by learning the language now.

New methods of learning French You may have memories of trying to learn languages at school, with hours spent reciting grammar and waiting for the bell to ring to signal break time! But the good news is that there are far more engaging, enjoyable and rapid ways to learn new language skills today. You could take a class, or look at online content (if you don't mind the advertising.) As you get better, you might also find a conversational partner. But the approach that millions of people are using nowadays is to learn via an app on their smartphone, such as Babbel.

Integrating language practice into everyday life

Babbel users access language courses that are distilled into bite-size lessons, studied in just 15 minutes per day. Each French course is designed to encourage you to speak your first words from the start, with speakers using authentic, regional accents to broaden your knowledge. The integrated voice recognition software listens to your pronunciation and guides you towards the perfect accent.

Even better, the lessons are tailored to topics that you are interested in and have real-world application. Forget learning endless grammar rules - instead, you will immediately learn how to ask for directions, to order food, to say hello and greet people and to confidently operate abroad with your new skills.

Features of the Babbel app

  • Bite-sized lessons with real-world topics
  • Designed by over 150 expert language teachers
  • French lessons at the level you need - from beginner to advanced.
  • Dynamic review dashboard to check your progress identify areas of development
  • Real speakers with authentic accents - and voice recognition to guide your own pronunciation!

Start speaking French today!

Research has found that 15 hours of learning with Babbel is the equivalent of an entire semester of language study at University! So why not try the route that millions of other students across the world have used for success. The first lesson is free so you can try without commitment too. Just download the app onto your phone and give it a go. If you like what you see, you can just upgrade your membership and start learning - and speaking - straightaway!