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  • Dutch for Holidays Copyright information

    Dutch for Holidays

    Planning a holiday in the Netherlands or Belgium? Learn a few key words, phrases, and expressions here so that you can enjoy speaking Dutch on your trip.

  • False Friends Copyright information

    False Friends

    Here you'll learn about false friends: words that sound or look similar in both English and Dutch but mean something completely different! This course will help you appreciate why any well-stocked kitchen shouldn't be without a "mes", and how some people can be "slim" regardless of their size!

  • Writing for Beginners Copyright information

    Writing for Beginners

    Write about different topics dealt with in Beginner's course 1 and 2. Practise your writing skills at Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

  • Pronouncing Consonants Copyright information

    Pronouncing Consonants

    How are "s", "z", "ch", and "sch" pronounced? This course takes you through the pronunciation rules of Dutch consonants.

  • The Pronunciation of Vowels Copyright information

    The Pronunciation of Vowels

    How are "a", "e", "eu" and "au" pronounced? This course presents the pronunciation rules for Dutch vowels and diphthongs.

  • True Friends Copyright information

    True Friends

    Here you'll learn some "true friends" - words that sound similar in English and Dutch and have the same meaning. This is a quick and effective way to expand your vocabulary!

  • Tongue twisters Copyright information

    Tongue twisters

    Can you say these tongue twisters without getting muddled? Practise the pronunciation of "sch", "g", "ui" and other sounds, without getting your tongue tied in knots! You can also work on your listening skills, vocabulary and grammar, because the words in each tongue twister are often very similar: "Zeven Schotse scheve schaatsers schaatsen scheef."

  • Idioms Copyright information


    What does a native Dutch speaker mean when they "find a dog in the pot", "run a little blue one", "stand red" or "get sailed in somewhere"? Here you'll learn a few idioms and how they are used.