Learn French for free: Beginner's trial course

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Why should you learn French for free?

  • Learning French opens up a new world of opportunities to a beautiful culture
  • There are different learning methods - but free content tends to be of poor quality and filled with adverts
  • Babbel offers fast results and an affordable, fun programme that has helped millions of new language speakers worldwide!
  • Begin studying French for free

English and French: Two world languages examined

French has always been one of the most popular languages for British speakers to learn, and it's no surprise when you consider the long and rewarding relationship that our two neighbouring countries have enjoyed over the centuries. Historically friends and rivals in equal measure, the English and French share a wonderful connection that is only enhanced when shared language skills are brought into the mix.

Whether you aspire to learn French for business, pleasure, travel, your social life - perhaps even your love life - there are plenty of ways to forge ahead with your new language skills. But do you try to learn French free, or do you opt for a paid learning course? Let's take a closer look.

Enrich your holidays and grow your career: Reasons to study the French language

Nothing impresses our Gallic cousins more than a Brit who has made the effort to learn and speak their language. As well as opening up a new world of French friends and contacts, the experience of learning a new language will also grow your confidence and work your brain - helping you to remain mentally and intellectually active.

There are so many new things to look forward to as you get to grips with French! Order your meals in French when you holiday abroad, consider taking a job in France, make new friends, discover French history and culture, and experience the fun of Asterix comic books for yourself!

French courses with Babbel: Acquiring fluency, one lesson at a time

There are various approaches to learning a new language. You could attend a traditional evening class, find a language partner, attend a summer school, read books or watch videos that you find on the internet. There is plenty of affordable course content online, but many people find that the quality can be inconsistent and the content interrupted by adverts. If you are serious about learning French, try Babbel: Instantly available via app, its courses have helped millions of students to learn new languages fast and effectively.

How Babbel Works Babbel is a highly respected method of learning a language that is used across the world. It combines cutting-edge technology with the most effective teaching methods to accelerate success.

Start speaking French immediately One of the keys to Babbel's success is that it gets you speaking French words from the very beginning, allowing you to become rapidly familiar with the structure, accent, tone and pronunciation of French words, phrases and sentences. Forget those endless written grammar exercises that you remember from school; the most effective and proven way to learn French fast is to simply begin speaking it!

How does Babbel compare to other learning methods? A study by researchers at the City of University of New York and the University of South Carolina found that 15 hours of language learning with Babbel was equivalent to an entire semester of language study at university!

Features of the App

  • Content that is tailored to your interests
  • Speech recognition technology to check your pronunciation
  • Bite-size lessons that you can do anywhere and at any time
  • A personalised review dashboard to help you check progress and development areas.
  • Immediate real-life conversations, with regional speakers for an authentic experience