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  • Nouns, Pronouns and Cases Copyright information

    Nouns, Pronouns and Cases

    Learn some important basics of German grammar: the endings of nouns and pronouns and how to use the different cases.

  • Verbs in the Present Tense Copyright information

    Verbs in the Present Tense

    Learn and practise many German verbs in the present tense, including modal, reflexive, separable and inseparable ones.

  • Other Tenses Copyright information

    Other Tenses

    Expand your knowledge of German grammar by learning many new tenses, their irregular forms and how to use them.

  • Adjectives Copyright information


    Learn the endings of German adjectives after definite and indefinite articles and practise comparisons.

  • Prepositions and Conjunctions Copyright information

    Prepositions and Conjunctions

    Learn and practise German prepositions and conjunctions

  • Building Sentences Copyright information

    Building Sentences

    Now practise negation, the word order of questions and statements, and relative clauses.