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Spoken by over 50 million people, Spanish is truly a global language - and one that is beautifully easy for English speakers to learn, thanks to its relatively simple grammar rules and consistent pronunciation. Even better, because a third of English vocabulary is derived from Latin, you will rapidly recognise a large number of Spanish words from the start. Que fantastico! Do business or find a job in Spain, Latin America - even the Caribbean when you speak Spanish. Immerse yourself in Latino culture - get hooked on El Príncipe, work out the lyrics to Nudozurdo's latest alt-rock hit or experience La Dolores in its full operatic glory. Order calamari, churros or horchata with confidence when you next dine out, and debate Real Madrid's latest football performance with new friends over a cerveza or two.

Whatever your passion, learning Spanish immerses you in an exciting, vibrant and welcoming new culture. It is certainly tempting to try to learn Spanish free. After all, there are plenty of online videos, guides and blogs. But most of these are created by enthusiastic fellow students - and what's more, they are packed with advertising. They can be very useful companions to a formal language instruction course, but rarely enough in their own right. You could also find a language partner, or attend a class - but this tends to be suitable only if you aren't in a hurry to learn the language. Babbel is well worth a look as a modern alternative to learning Spanish fast, and for an affordable subscription fee.

Affordable Spanish courses for all learners

Effectiveness scientifically proven Babbel is ideal if you want to learn Spanish quickly, correctly and in a way that really celebrates your passion and fires it up further. It's rich and exciting content puts Spain and its language in the palm of your hand, and the proven teaching methodology helps you to become a confident Spanish speaker fast.

Bite-sized teaching modules Babbel is proven to be quick and effective. In fact, research proves that 15 hours of Babbel equates to a semester's worth of language instruction at university. As well as being fast, it is remarkably effective, thanks to its unique method of instruction. Voice recognition technology provides feedback from the first lesson. In just 15 minutes a day, you will begin to speak your new Spanish vocabulary with confidence, hearing immediate corrections when needed.

Inspired by real-world conversations Start at the level that suits you, and your content will be tailored to your needs and interests, focusing on real-world situations that will allow you to rapidly immerse yourself in Spain. Learn how to order food, to travel, to ask for services, or to discuss contemporary topics. You'll be amazed at how fast you progress.

Features of Babbel

  • Bite-sized lessons covering topics that interest you

  • Advert-free - allowing you to focus on your new skills without distraction

  • Interactive modules using voice recognition to get you speaking Spanish fast

  • Engaging curriculum that covers each of the four aspects of language learning; speaking, reading, listening and reading Spanish

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There are plenty of ways to learn Spanish, but millions of language students find Babbel to be the most effective, rapid route to language mastery! Why not give it a try for free and see what you think? Simply download the app and register your account to get your first lesson for free - whatever level you are at. If you like it you can then upgrade your account and begin immersing yourself in language success immediately. Remember, just 15 minutes a day is all that it takes for Spanish success!

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