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  • Vowel Harmony Copyright information

    Vowel Harmony

    Learn and practise the most important foundation of Turkish word formation: the minor and the major vowel harmony!

  • Cases and how to use them Copyright information

    Cases and how to use them

    Expand your knowledge of the cases in Turkish, practise building them, and review when to use them.

  • Types of words and endings Copyright information

    Types of words and endings

    Expand your knowledge of how Turkish words are formed, learn endings and pronouns as well as postpositions adjectives and conjunctions.

  • Verbs and tenses Copyright information

    Verbs and tenses

    Practise Turkish verbs in the various past, future and present tenses, learn how to make negative sentences and questions.

  • Types of sentences Copyright information

    Types of sentences

    Broaden your knowledge of the formation of Turkish sentences, and learn what types of sentences to use to ask questions, to form a negated sentence, or to tell if you have something or not.