Reasons to study Russian

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Learning Russian Online is Quick and Simple with Babbel

With the dominance of English, you might think it’s the only language you’ll ever need. Nothing could be further from the truth; being able to speak more than one language is a highly desirable skill. An increasingly popular choice is to learn Russian.

Why learn Russian?

A working knowledge of Russian can bring benefits in a wide variety of fields. The language rivals German as the second most frequently used language on the Internet – behind English – giving it considerable influence in the online world. With the ever-growing importance of Internet commerce, being able to speak Russian can give you a significant advantage over your business competitors. Networking opportunities will open up that might have remained off-limits with only English at your disposal. Russian is rapidly becoming a language you can’t afford to ignore.

Russia, along with Brazil, India and China, is a member of the so-called BRIC group of countries in the throes of rapid economic development. Russian influence is especially strong in the natural resources sectors: the country is the world’s largest producer of natural gas and also a leading producer of coal and oil. With fossil fuel supply becoming increasingly crucial internationally, there’s much competition for deals with the country. Being able to speak Russian will open up new opportunities and channels of communication.

Broaden your horizons

Tourism to Russia is also on the increase, with historic cities like St Petersburg especially popular destinations. You’re more likely to enjoy your trip if you can communicate with local people in their own language. You’ll find that making an effort to speak Russian will be very well received by people you meet in the country. There’s nothing better than making new friends on holiday; if you learn Russian, you’ll give yourself a great chance of doing just that. Your new friends may even end up being business partners, too!

Russian is the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe. Related tongues include Ukrainian, Czech and Polish, as well as many Balkan languages. Making the commitment to learn Russian will help considerably in learning other Slavic languages, since many common words and phrases are similar. Russian, like many of its relatives, is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, which has a number of differences from the Roman alphabet used in English. This can seem daunting at first but, once learned, using it will quickly feel natural.

Effective ways to learn Russian

If there are no native speakers who can teach you in person, there are now effective online alternatives. An excellent example is Babbel, which offers an exciting new way to learn. Using clear, simple courses which may be accessed from both computers and portable devices, it provides a comprehensive tutorial without cutting corners. It’s also fun, covering a range of enjoyable and stimulating topics. A range of subscription options is available, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Babbel allows you to learn Russian to a high standard without fuss. Potentially tricky tasks like pronunciation training are made simple with an easy-to-use, Flash-based tool. If you thought you couldn’t learn to speak Russian fluently, think again! You won’t keep on getting exercises you’ve already mastered: the inbuilt review manager will adjust them according to what you already know – and what you still need to work on. Whether you need to practise basic vocabulary or perfect your knowledge of common phrases, Babbel will help you speak Russian fluently – fast.