The Russian language: Become a true global citizen

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Why should you study Russian?

  • Russian is the 5th most spoken language in the world.
  • The Russian language is derived from Old East Slavic.
  • Along with English, Russian is the language of space.
  • Start speaking Russian

Learn to speak Russian with confidence

Why should you learn Russian? It may not be the obvious choice for English speakers, but this is a superb language to learn for a variety of reasons. Imagine the impact on your CV if you can even speak a few basic phrases? Learning it also opens up doors in other countries. With over 260 million speakers worldwide, there are speakers not only in Russian itself, but in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as large parts of Israel, Armenia, the Ukraine and even communities in the USA.

Deepen your cultural awareness If you are lucky enough to travel in Russia, you'll find that many people don't speak English, and this can limit your ability to make new friends and to experience Russia. So what better way to show your cultural appreciation and goodwill by at least learning a few phrases of the local language? This will immediately put you on a good footing with local people and show that you are prepared to make the effort. Once you can speak some phrases it will also make it far easier to order your Borscht, caviar and blinis with confidence!

Become a Polymath Learning Russia's mother tongue will also make it far easier for you to learn other Slavic languages, such as Polish, Bulgarian and Czech. With this part of the world opening up its economy and rapidly growing in importance on the world stage, it certainly helps to have these language skills under your belt in order to position yourself as a true global citizen.

Unlock a new world with Babbel Russian lessons

Classroom lessons might be the way that people used to learn a language, but they are slow and also reliant on a good teacher and the right time slot? There is of course online content now and much of it appears to be 'free' at least on the surface - but it's usually packed with advertising. Books, newspapers, conversational practice and blogs - these can be very useful to aid your overall language journey, but they tend to be more useful when you are well on the way with your skills. For most people, the next best thing to living in Russia for a period of time and having an immersive learning experience is to try an app such as Babbel. It's award-winning and allows you to learn Russian fast and effectively.

Features of the app

  • Bite-size lessons designed around learner interests
  • Regional accents to ensure you speak Russian authentically
  • Personalised review dashboard to help you track your progress
  • Voice recognition technology to develop your Russian pronunciation
  • Seamless user experience combining rich learning content with a community of students

Learn Russian on the go

It is easy to practice Russian words and sentences with Babbel. Download the app today to try your first lesson for free - whether you're a total beginner or looking to further develop your existing skills. If you like it, you can upgrade at the touch of a button and access the entire course to work through at your own speed.