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Spanish is spoken by a whopping 437 million people around the world, across Spain, Latin America, the USA and even parts of Africa and Asia. In fact, it's the official language of 20 countries, so if you want to broaden your horizons then it's a wonderful language to learn. Even better, if you speak English then you'll find it a relatively simple language to get to grips with, thanks to its shared Latin roots and thousands of common cognates (words with similar sounds and meanings.)

Challenge yourself in Spanish language lessons

It's really fun to learn a new language, but it also represents a great mental challenge that keeps your brain young, motivated and agile. As you learn a new language you start to see the world in a fresh way, which changes your perspective and allows you to become a true global citizen. It also keeps you young and more able to tackle other mental tasks more effectively - use it or lose it as they say!

In a changing world it's vital to be flexible and ready to make new friends and contacts. By learning a language, it is far easier to immerse yourself in a culture, to show willing and to open up opportunities for yourself. Friendship, work opportunities and local understanding are far easier to achieve if you even have some basic skills to begin with. Why not see where your new phrases take you!

Learning a new language once meant a serious time commitment. If you attended an evening course to do so, it meant blocking time out of your diary every week for the set time to attend. You also had to progress at the speed of the class as a whole - rather than at your own speed. But now, there is a quicker and more effective way of learning to speak a new language that makes use of your smartphone; the spanish Babbel app!

Achieve real-world results in tailored Spanish courses

Millions of students are now using Babbel to learn one or more languages quickly and effectively. The smartphone app is so powerful that it combines the finest tuition with proven teaching techniques for fast, real-world results. In fact, a survey found that just 15 hours of language instruction on Babbel was equivalent to an entire semester of language classes at University!

Features of the Babbel app

  • Bite-size lessons that you can fit in at any time of day - wherever you are
  • Authentic speakers using local lingo and accents, to help you to learn to speak like a true native!
  • Your own personal dashboard so you can check your progress and review development areas at any time.
  • Content that is tailored to you and real-life situations. What's more, it's fun and engaging, so the learning never feels difficult!
  • Cutting-edge voice recognition technology that allows you to try out new vocabulary from your very first lesson, guiding you through correct pronunciation.

Whether you are keen to learn a language like Spanish from the start, to refresh your school learning or to progress at a more advanced level to a native speaker standard, it's worth giving the spanish language a go and seeing how modern language tuition has changed with the times!

Even better, you can try the first lesson for free, so that there's no commitment at all until you've decided whether or not it's for you. Just download the app onto your phone and give it a try when you next have a spare 15 minutes - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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