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Make your lunch simply better, learn a new language!

How do you spend your lunch break? Philadelphia recently undertook research that uncovered UK workers are spending 23% of their lunch doing work-related tasks, the equivalent of giving away 56 hours a year in lost time.
The research also found some 58% of respondents admitted to taking breaks that are only 7 - 20 minutes long.

However, we’ve partnered with Philadelphia to help you refocus on you during your lunchtime! Did you know Babbel lessons only take 15 minutes? Plus, they're bite sized, light and fun, so there’s plenty of time to relax whilst tucking into a deliciously simple Philadelphia lunch recipe. Whether you prefer to unwind with one of Babbel’s podcasts, play a fun language game, or complete a class, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your mood.

Switching up your lunch break routine with Babbel and Philadelphia will quickly show positive results: Not only will you have some dedicated time for yourself every day and a tasty lunch, but you'll see fast progress with your newly acquired language skills. Now if that isn't a win win…

But see for yourself: Get free access to the Babbel App for a whole month! Just email the words BETTER WITH PHILLY to

Babbel offers lessons for 14 languages as well as podcasts, games, and live, online classes for a selection of languages.

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Bite-sized language lessons while you grab a bite

It's simply better with Philadelphia

It's important to give yourself a break from work. Have some fun and learn a new language with Babbel's light-hearted 15-minute classes while you whip up a deliciously simple lunch with Philadelphia. You'll quickly create a new habit and see your language skills thrive. All lessons are designed to get you conversational and teach you useful phrases for real-life situations. Soon you might be enjoying "pan con queso fresco" with your Spanish lessons!

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