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Have real conversations faster with the award-winning app and new live online classes taught by world-class teachers.

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92% of Babbel users improved their language proficiency in just 2 months*
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Get conversational faster with new live, online classes.

Join group classes taught by certified, first-rate language teachers that are invested in your success, will motivate you to use your skills in real-life and get you speaking naturally. Practise your pronunciation without fear of mistakes and get instant feedback with Babbel Live.

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The app built to get you speaking confidently.

Get results fast: Courses designed by language experts help you develop an effective learning routine and quickly level up your skills. Beginner or advanced, Babbel’s scientifically proven method will get you speaking correctly and confidently in real-life.

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Learn a language, not just words.

Hone your pronunciation using speech recognition, build your conversation skills with interactive dialogues, and get useful grammar tips along the way. Scientifically developed technology will prompt you to repeat your vocab at exactly the right time until it becomes second nature.

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Stay motivated with a rich variety of learning activities.

Feeling immersed in the culture through fun, engaging learning experiences reinforces knowledge and helps you retain what you’ve learnt. Maximise your learning success by mixing and matching activities such as interactive lessons, podcasts, short stories, games and more.

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Make progress with lessons that get you hooked

Learn on your own schedule, at home or on the go, and easily tailor your learning journey to fit into your daily routine. Short and fun 10-15 minute lessons help you build a successful habit so you can make steady progress every day.

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Prepare for your next trip, add language skills to your CV, or delve into a new culture: Explore Babbel’s extensive collection of lessons and learn what you need to start speaking, no matter your experience level.

Business courses

Be more effective at work: improve your business communication skills, including giving presentations, leading meetings, and writing emails.

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Travel courses

Let your new language skills shine on your next vacation: Order off the menu effortlessly or ask locals for insider tips without consulting a guidebook.

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Culture courses

Explore the traditions, tastes, and customs of a new culture and get an intuitive understanding of how the language is used in everyday life.

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Why language learners love Babbel

*Vesselinov, R. and Grego, J. The Babbel Efficacy Study. New York 2016.