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Benefits of learning Spanish

With 572 million speakers all over the globe – in Spain as well as Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Chile – Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. For work, travel, cultural exchange or simply for fun, learning how to speak Spanish is easy, fast, and convenient with the Babbel App. Featuring a free first lesson, ad-free interface, speech recognition technology, live instruction options, courses for all Spanish language levels, and multiple ways to learn on any device, Babbel uses cutting edge methods and technology to make learning Spanish accessible and rewarding.

Add value in the workplace with Spanish language skills

Level up at work with a Spanish course. Babbel’s Mexican Spanish business course, customisable to all language levels and with the first lesson free, features common Spanish phrases and conversational formalities from the professional world. Learn to communicate confidently in meetings, emails, phone calls and presentations. Plus, every Babbel Spanish subscription provides access not just to podcasts and tailored content available on all devices, but also to all Spanish courses, offering limitless possibilities for the workplace and beyond.

Learn Spanish: From newcomers to advanced

From total newcomers to advanced experts who just want to brush up their skills, Babbel serves Spanish learners at every language level. The first lesson of every Babbel Spanish course is free, and users can learn on multiple devices. Babbel’s courses tailor content to each user’s level and use the latest technology to help with pronunciation. Plus, users can focus exactly on what they need: business Spanish, words and phrases, listening and speaking, or even grammar. The courses are designed to suit a variety of levels, learning styles, and goals.

Learning Spanish for travel

Heading on a trip? Start learning Spanish today from a phone, tablet or computer. Babbel lessons are perfect for learning Spanish for travel, as they are tailored to the different accents, dialects and nuances from the many different regions of the Spanish-speaking world. The Spanish spoken in Spain, for instance, is a little different to that spoken in Argentina when it comes to pronunciation, vocabulary, and even specific phrases. Babbel's Spanish courses offer content from native speakers from all over the world, including podcasts and options for live instruction with Babbel Live.

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5 Tips to Learn Spanish Quickly

  • Learn the difference between the two ways “to be” in Spanish: ser and estar.

  • Concentrate on the “question words” like cómo or qué.

  • Focus on your feelings — try out emotion words, from muy bien (very well) to triste (sad).

  • Remember that no goes before the verb!

  • Go for it with “for”: master the distinction between por and para.

Why Spanish course with an app?

Learning a language with the Babbel App offers many benefits over the conventional classroom-based environment. First, in our current dynamic world, flexibility is key, and that’s why Babbel offerts a variety of learning methods. The Babbel App puts access to real native Spanish speakers from different regions in the user’s pocket, offering valuable exposure to authentic Spanish conversations, accents and materials. Babbel’s unique speech recognition technology also makes pronouncing Spanish as authentic as it is flexible, guiding users on how to speak Spanish like a local. Plus, for students who do want that live classroom experience for their Spanish course, there’s Babbel Live: accredited native-speaker instructors and tailored classes, all on the user’s schedule.

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?

Babbel's courses are designed for all learning levels, from beginners to experts. With many ways to learn Spanish across all devices, including podcasts and Babbel Live, Babbel offers a flexible, ad-free experience to learn Spanish for travel, work, cultural exchange or just for fun. Learning Spanish with a Babbel course is fun, effective and fast – 92% of Babbel users found that their language proficiency improved within 2 months. And the app allows users to track their progress and review past material anytime, even after their paid subscription has ended.

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