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In addition to all the wonderful things you can experience in Spain, one of the benefits of learning Spanish is the vast number of destinations speakers can visit to apply their skills. When you can speak to anyone, travelling becomes easier, more practical and fun. The increased presence of Latino culture in the United States contributed significantly to Spanish becoming one of the fastest growing languages worldwide. Consequently, more and more learners choose to study it as a way to increase their employment prospects. The proliferation of Spanish as a business language makes learning it beneficial in the globalised world we live in. Existing and future students know that the demand for Spanish translators and interpreters will not disappear anytime soon. ¡Para nada! Others, of course, simply choose to learn Spanish to challenge themselves or as a hobby.

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Once you start learning Spanish, you’ll surprise yourself with how much you can absorb in a short space of time - even as a newcomer to Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. But how exactly can you learn Spanish fast and effectively? From online courses and apps, to language classes and books - Spanish students are spoilt for choice! Language school classes have the benefit of a teacher in the room, great if having someone to provide personal instruction is very important to you. They are also more affordable than a private tutor and their regular schedules can help keep your momentum going. Although places can be snapped up quickly plus, with bigger class sizes, the teacher has to split their time equally so every student gets the attention they need. In addition, there are also many other fun and and oftentimes cost-free resources to help you conquer the language. YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, Spanish movies, social media accounts and more. Even articles to help you learn with Spanish swearing! The truth is, there is never usually a single ‘best way’ to learn Spanish. The best approach is often a combination of sources, and we suggest you explore the options and find what combination works best for you.

Features of Babbel

When you learn Spanish with Babbel, you’ll learn practical, real-life conversation. Stuff you can use when and as you need it. From ordering tapas to shopping for groceries, we quickly get you confidently talking with confidence. Boredom is never a risk because you choose the lesson topics that matter to you. Sightseeing in Mexico? How about ordering in a bar? Whatever you go for, you learn what you find interesting and what’s relevant to you. And all course content is crafted and tailored for English speakers by our in-house team of expert linguists.

  • Individual progress dashboard to identify areas of development

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  • Spanish lessons built around real-world situations

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Babbel is made by humans for humans. Because lessons are only 15 minutes long, they are easy to squeeze in to your daily schedule. Life moves quickly, we know, but 15 minutes is still short enough for most commutes or lunch breaks. Although we do hope your lunch break is more than 15 minutes long! Even just one lesson a day will make a difference. Experience the Babbel method live and start learning your first words in Spanish today!

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