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Benefits of speaking Spanish

With 572 million speakers, including 477 million native speakers, Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. Whether you want to develop Spanish skills for work, travel or simply for fun, it is a valuable language to have. Spanish is spoken in Spain and many Latin American countries including Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Mexico. Learning how to speak Spanish is easy, fun and convenient with the Babbel app. It lets you study anywhere and anytime. It features speech recognition technology that ensures you develop accurate pronunciation skills, as well as repetition to help consolidate and reinforce the material you cover.

Follow a new career path with Spanish language skills

Spanish is a particularly useful language to speak when it comes to work and employability. Focus on the Mexican Spanish business courses to learn phrases and formalities typically used in business Spanish. These lessons focus on meetings, emails, phone calls and presentations. Every Babbel subscription gives you access to all courses in the language you're learning so you can explore different topics, as well as the 4 main skills - listening, writing, speaking and reading.

Practice at the level that suits you

Whether you are a total beginner or an expert Spanish speaker and want to brush up on your skills, there is a Spanish course available from Babbel to suit your needs. You can try out the first lesson for free before committing to a full course. Babbel's course material is split across multiple levels including newcomer, independent user and advanced. Plus, you can choose to focus solely on one particular area such as business Spanish, words and phrases, listening and speaking or grammar. The courses are designed to suit a variety of levels, learning styles, and goals.

Learning Spanish for travel

Start learning Spanish today from the comfort of your home with an online course from Babbel. Discover new Spanish phrases for your next trip. As is it spoken in several countries, becoming familiar with accents and nuances from different regions is an important aspect when it comes to learning Spanish. The Spanish spoken in Spain, for instance, is a little different to that spoken in Argentina when it comes to pronunciation and even vocabulary and phrases. Babbel's courses provide information and exercises on Spanish from different places, so you can hone in on the area you are interested in.

Why learn Spanish with an app?

  • Learning a language with an app offers many benefits over traditional, classroom-based learning. For starters, it is much more flexible and lets you tune in to lessons and exercises anytime, anywhere.

  • Online learning lets you study at your own pace.

  • The Babbel app provides access to material recorded by native Spanish speakers from different regions, offering valuable exposure to authentic conversations, accents and materials.

  • Review course material as often as you like - all the material you complete in the Babbel app remains in your personalised review dashboard where you can continue to practice and revise what you've learned, even after your paid subscription has ended. In-app dialogue trainer and speech recognition lets you practice conversations around real-life topics.

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?

Babbel's courses are designed for everyone, from beginners to experts. You can choose to focus on a topic that interests you whether its culture, travel, or business and that aligns with your goals. Learning Spanish with a Babbel course is fun, effective and fast - 92% of Babbel users found that their language proficiency improved within 2 months. You can track your progress in the app and review past material anytime, even after your paid subscription has ended.

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