Spanish phrases and common sentences

Spanish has over 405 million native speakers and 21 countries around the world count Spanish as their official language. Did you know? English text expands by 25% when translated into Spanish.


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When a language is spoken by over 437 million people across the world - as Spanish is - then it's time to take note. This means millions of potential friends and contacts in Spain itself, across Latin America, the USA and even parts of Asia and Africa. Imagine the travel, work, friendship and even romance opportunities that could reveal themselves if you mastered even a few basic Spanish phrases? The reality is that it doesn't take much to show willing when you want to be a global citizen.

With a basic vocabulary and a few phrases and sentences that help you to get around in the real world, you will find that people are helpful, receptive and willing to assist you - recognising the effort that you have made to learn their language. If you already speak English then it is also very easy to learn the language, as both have shared Latin roots and thousands of common cognates. This means that you will instantly be able to recognise many Spanish words and find that the grammar is relatively easy to pick up too. So what are you waiting for?

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Once you've taken that leap to learn a new language, you will also be doing your brain a world of good as well as opening up new horizons. Learning a language keeps those grey cells sharp and helps to stave off degenerative disease. If you're a beginner, you will feel enlivened and excited about the possibilities as you start to name the world around you in Spanish and consider ordering your tapas and sangria in the native tongue next time you dine out!

Learn useful Spanish phrases

If you already have basic Spanish phrases and vocabulary under your belt, then why not take your skills further? How exciting to be able to understand a culture in its own language - from books and music through to art and history. This fun, lively, passionate and sociable language just flows and is incredibly fun to speak. Who wouldn't be enticed by the prospect of progressing to be a fluent Spanish speaker! Who has the time to attend evening classes now? Busy lifestyles make physical lessons hard to commit to. But your smartphone can unlock the key to success, as it has with millions of students who have chosen Babbel to learn a new language - or even several!

What are the best Spanish phrases for beginners?



Buenos días

Good morning

Buenas noches

Good evening

Me llamo…

My name is…

¿Qué hora es?

What time is it?

Estoy perdido/a.

I am lost

Te quiero

I love you


Best/helpful Spanish travel phrases

Get your Spanish skills holiday ready: Learn useful phrases before your feet hit the ground, so you can easily navigate your surroundings, chat to the locals and get the most out of your trip.



¿Dónde está la oficina de turismo?

Where can I find the tourist information office?

¿Por dónde se va a la playa?

How do I get to the beach?

¿Me podría ayudar, por favor?

Can you help me?

¿A qué hora sale el próximo autobús?

When is the next bus leaving?

¿Me toma nota, por favor?.

I would like to order a...

¿Me puede traer la cuenta?

Could I get the bill please?

Un placer conocerte.

Nice to meet you!

¡Muchas gracias!

Thank you!

Speak common sentences in Spanish

Whether you are a total beginner or ready to take your language skills to the next level, Babbel has lessons just for you. With expert tuition that millions of students have found success with across the world, Babbel makes it easy to learn. Even better, you don't need to commit without giving it a go first. Simply download the app, choose your first lesson at the right level for you and see if you like it! If you do you can then upgrade your membership and get started with your full language course straight away. What are you waiting for? An exciting, bigger world with new friends and possibilities awaits those who say 'yes'!

Features of Babbel:

  • Regional Spanish accents ensure authenticity.

  • Voice-recognition technology guides your pronunciation.

  • Dynamic review sessions and a personalised progress dashboard.

  • Engaging, fun and enjoyable sessions which make it fun to progress!

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