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Why study German?

With over 200 million German speakers worldwide and a rapidly expanding economy that stretches across the globe, German is becoming an increasingly relevant and important language to learn. This language opens many doors when it comes to career choices, as German speakers are very much sought after in the business world. Whether you are a complete beginner, studied german in school or are planning a career change and need to brush up on your language skills, Babbel offers online courses for learning German suitable for all ages and levels and to help you achieve your language-learning goals.

Learn German for Work

Many businesses across Europe and the UK are active in German-speaking markets and German has become a crucial language for areas such as business development, online marketing, and sales. German speakers are in huge demand for many UK-based roles. If you are exploring new career options or planning your future career, language skills - in particular, German language skills - will make an incredibly valuable addition to your CV.

Learn German for Travel

Whether you're visiting Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, some basic German language skills will come in handy when meeting people, ordering food, buying bus or train tickets, and shopping. Babbel makes learning German easy and accessible with exercises and tasks that reflect real-life scenarios. German is also spoken in Switzerland, Austria, parts of Belgium and Lichtenstein.

Take your skills to the next level

German is a notoriously tricky language to master. Engaging tasks and content are what make Babbel's courses interesting and easy to learn with. The Babbel app also offers feedback on your speaking skills thanks to its voice recognition software, which ensures you develop accurate pronunciation when learning to speak German.

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Incorporate German learning into your daily routine

  • The Babbel app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can login on multiple devices including your phone and laptop. Your ongoing progress is saved in the cloud and synced across all devices, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere.

  • Learning a little every day is one of the best ways to make consistent and noticeable progress. Babbel's lessons are broken down into bite-sized chapters that fit into everyday life and let you learn at your own pace.

  • Try a couple every day or complete them one by one. They cover relevant, real-world topics, such as introducing oneself, ordering food and making travel arrangements, and they offer vocabulary for general day-to-day use.

  • Babbel language courses are specifically designed based on your native and target languages. The language lessons on the Babbel app are interactive and engaging, covering all aspects of language acquisition; listening, reading, writing, and speaking. If you are not sure about your level, take a German placement test and Babbel will recommend the best level to start with.

Developed by Language Experts

Using the Babbel app is a highly effective way to learn a new language. It has a speech recognition feature that detects your voice and helps you improve pronunciation. All of Babbel's listening exercises and dialogues are performed by native speakers from different regions, so you will hear a range of accents and dialects. The courses are designed by language experts who create them for your native language - this is a key feature of the German courses offered by Babbel. The courses also provide practical exercises and relevant lesson topics to help you learn and start speaking German. Try the first lesson for free.

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