German phrases and common sentences

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Why should you study basic German phrases?

  • We weigh up the pros and cons of each language learning option.
  • From travel to work and friendship, there are so many benefits to becoming a global citizen.
  • With so many reasons to learn German, there's no better time to develop your skills
  • Begin studying German phrases

What is your reason to speak German?

Open up the world German is the land of science, innovation, architecture, poetry, modern film and art and - of course - hipster culture if you travel to Berlin! It's a vibrant, young and hugely influential country with a powerful position on the world stage. So what better reason to open up your own personal opportunities than by learning the language. Even a few German phrases will enhance your CV and make it far easier to make new German friends and contacts as you explore your new cultural and language journey.

Enrich your interests Perhaps the German wine-growing regions are of particular interest, or you are fascinated by the emerging digital scene in the country's own answer to Silicone Valley? Perhaps you've also realised that there are over 100 million German speakers and a vast German presence on the internet, with interesting content and new communities to discover simply by gaining the key to friendship - the language!

Learn effectively Who has time to attend physical evening or summer school lessons? Fixed classes lack flexibility and are slow. Online content may be free but it is often riddled with errors and filled with advertising. Books are great when you read German well but tend to be useful as a learning adjunct as you progress, much like conversational practice with another motivated learner. But for serious speed in your German language progression, an app like Babbel is likely to be the best way forward!

What will encourage you to learn each day?

Babbel is a tried and tested method that combines the finest teaching with modern digital delivery - all from your smartphone! In just 15 minutes a day, you will be speaking German in no time at all - using the interactive lessons and voice recognition technology to get to grips with local accents and to rapidly gain confidence with your own spoken phrases and sentences.

The app is award-winning and has been developed by language experts in the field - with millions of satisfied students across the world who have gone on to learn one or more languages as a result. Are you ready to become one of them?

Features of the Babbel app

  • Interactive dashboard which shows individual progress.
  • Voice-recognition technology to grow your confidence and pronunciation abilities, fast.
  • Lessons designed for each level, created by 150 language experts and professional teachers.
  • Flexible, interactive content that allows you to operate in German life with relevant language skills - no endless dry grammar!
  • Every 15 hours of Babbel language instruction equates to a full semester of classes at university!

It's time to speak German and open up the world

Whatever your personal motivation for learning German, the Babbel app makes it easy to progress at your own pace and to go from language zero to hero fast! Whenever you have a spare few minutes just open up the app and do your latest class. Learn on the train, on your lunch break or at home when you have a quiet moment.

You'll be amazed at your progress. Even better, the first lesson is completely free. Download the app, choose your level and try it out. If you like it, you can just choose to upgrade your membership and access the entire course at your own speed. A bigger world and a chance to be a true global citizen is just at your fingertips when you start to learn a new language with Babbel, the award-winning language tuition app.