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German is an important European language that shares more similarities to English than many prospective learners realise. The ability to tailor your own learning experience is an important factor in your successful acquisition of German. Frequent, short and highly-focussed lessons enable motivated learners to acquire German language skills in surprisingly short periods of time.


Open up a world of possibilities

Around 95 million people throughout the world speak German as their first language. As well as Germany and Austria, both Switzerland and Italy have significant numbers of German speakers. In fact, within Europe, there are more native German speakers than there are either French or English ones. Despite this, German is not widely-taught in UK schools. It was never an option for many people, and even those who were fortunate enough to have experienced some German tuition may not have learned the language for over a year. Fortunately, thanks to opportunities such as those provided by Babbel, acquiring the language as an adult has never been easier. Some would-be German students are deterred by rumours that the language is difficult to learn. However, German and English are closely related, sharing many similar words, giving English speakers a definite head-start. Meanwhile, German's phonetic consistency comes as a pleasant surprise to many of those who have struggled with other languages.

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In addition to its use on holiday, German is an important language for business use. With Germany home to many large financial, industrial and technological businesses, as well as highly regarded universities, it makes sense to acquire some knowledge of the language. Thanks to good teaching in German schools, it's true that many Germans have at least a rudimentary knowledge of English. However, they also tend to value attempts to communicate in their own language. Even a basic level of German can open doors and improve professional relationships. Many of Europe's finest literature is written in the German language. There is no substitute for reading Goethe, Schiller, Rilke, Kant and Nietzsche in the words as they wrote them. Of course, this level of ability will not be gained overnight but this is where your growing knowledge of German could ultimately take you.

How to master German

  • Short, highly-focussed German lessons: Time pressures are often cited as a reason to swerve learning a new language, particularly one reputedly as complex as German. However, the majority of people can find time for a 15 minute lesson, such as those offered by Babbel, especially if they can choose when and where to access that lesson. Moreover, short lessons help you retain focus and ensure you make maximum strides in your learning.

  • Choose the right course to learn German for business use: Germany's standing in the business world encourages many professionals to learn the language. However, finding the time for face-to-face traditional-style lessons can be tricky as can ensuring that course material is adequately tailored to corporate needs. Specialist courses such as Babbel for Business allow corporate users to tailor learning experiences to cater for even highly specific goals. Facilities such an onboarding webinar with accompanying Q&A session, as well as the option of 1:1 live lessons, help ensure that time-pressured business users gain maximum benefit from every learning session.

  • App-based learning: App-based learning is popular with language students of all ages and backgrounds. Available on web, Android and iOS, Babbel is designed to be intuitive and flexible, allowing you to synchronise your learning experience across multiple devices. Its ad-free interface removes onscreen distractions while a variety of audio and video-based teaching keeps your learning fresh. If you're unsure as to your current level of ability, a free placement test helps you pitch your learning at the appropriate level.


Give the gift of the German language

Gift-giving can often be hard, especially for those who seem to "have it all". A language course can be an excellent present, particularly for someone who has expressed an interest in reviving the German of their schooldays or in acquiring the language to enhance their enjoyment of future holidays. Giving a Babbel language course as a gift allows the recipient to learn the language of their choice for 3, 6 or 12 months and to structure their tuition to suit their interests.

  • Regular course updates ensure learners stay engaged

  • German language content is organized by topic and theme

  • Babbel considers all four aspects of language acquisition

  • Babbel Community helps students to connect with other users

  • Learning materials are stored in a personalized Review Manager

Although two individual may share similar reasons for wanting to learn German, their specific goals and preferred learning methods may be very different. Consequently, an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all teaching product rarely achieves the best results. Conversely, Babbel courses are intended to provide exactly what each learner needs and wants, as well as potentially sparking a new interest in German culture or history.