Learn more about Swedish culture

If you are lucky enough to move to Sweden for work or study, your Swedish must be in check. How will you impress the officials at customs without a little Swedish? Sweden is a beautiful and fascinating country with a rich history that expands much further than their infamous vikings. Whilst learning the Swedish language, you'll also learn about their holidays, art and music, and secret coffee drinking habits.

Living in Sweden? Learning Swedish!

Are you planning to move to Sweden for school or work? The idea of staying in Sweden can be tempting for anyone looking for a high-quality life. In fact, Sweden is the third-best country to live in, thanks to free healthcare and many job opportunities. By moving there, you are certain to benefit from the high standard of living the country has to offer. But to blend in with Swedish native speakers, you must speak Swedish. With the Babbel Swedish course, learning and mastering the language becomes more comfortable. Babbel uses the language acquisition aspects- listening, reading, writing, and speaking- an excellent way to learn not just the words but also how to converse in Swedish.

How to incorporate Swedish lessons into your daily routine

Learning a language can be taxing. You have a daytime job or classes to attend, So, how do you integrate Swedish learning into your busy life? Well, flexible and fun courses are what you need. Babbel offers flexible online and offline courses on its web-integrated Android and IOS app. The classes are ideal for everyone regardless of how tight their schedule is. With Babbel, you can learn at your own set time on your phone. Lessons can also be paused, restarted or revisited in order to get the most out of your language learning experience and cement the information in your brain.

Learn the Swedish language online with Babbel-App

Are you tired of having to attend your classes physically? Unlike online learning, traditional methods of language acquisition are significantly less flexible. A Swedish course with Babbel is flexible and personalised. Like its website, the Babbel app offers courses that are convenient for learning anywhere.

  • Babbel integrates a Swedish practice into your daily routine.

  • Speaking Swedish empowers you to communicate with over 10 million native Swedes.

  • Babbel addresses all aspects of language acquisition: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

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