Learn how to speak Swedish

Learn how to speak Swedish with Babbel in bite-size lessons built around real-world situations. Swedish learner content is crafted by over 150 in-house experts, and voice-recognition technology allows for immediate feedback loops.

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Why should you study Swedish?

Could Scandinavian culture be any hotter right now? The region's film and TV, literature, style and ethos is in demand all across the world, and whether you fancy tackling The Bridge in its original language, a Nordic Noir novel or the Swedish "lagom" lifestyle craze, it's far easier to immerse yourself in a culture when you speak its language. Nothing could look cooler on your CV either than a talking-point language that shows your mental acuity and desire for intellectual challenge! Sweden is a beautiful country and a hot travel destination. Its quality of life is excellent and there are plenty of skilled jobs available for people who can bring their talents to the country and integrate.

This means learning how to speak Swedish and making new friends as you experience a new life. After all, it is so much more respectful to visit a country and show that you have learned even a few key phrases. Swedish is spoken by 10 million people in Sweden and in parts of Finland. It's a North Germanic language and has many similarities to Norwegian. In its written form, it's also very similar to Danish. The economy is strong, there are plenty of opportunities for work and study, and the quality of life is excellent. Whether you are keen to experience a short break in Stockholm or take a course at the University of Gothenburg, the language is key to your experience.

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Looking for tips on how to speak Swedish?

  • Read the news in Swedish

  • Watch some Swedish YouTube videos

  • Use an interactive learning tool

  • Don't be afraid to get things wrong

  • Try to speak Swedish a little bit every day

Speak Swedish like a native

Trying to hunt down the finest "husmanskost" recipes in your quest for the ultimate Swedish meatball? You could try debating with a language partner - but it's far easier to do once you have some basics under your belt. You could attend a traditional evening class, but there's no guarantee that the pace and course content will meet your needs. There is usually online content to peruse, but the advertising that dominates 'free' content tends to be highly distracting. So perhaps its time to try a modern language app such as Babbel.

Unlocking a new world with languages

There's a reason why millions of students across the world choose Babbel to learn a language (and often several!). For an affordable subscription fee, the app packs in hours of targeted language instruction that gets students speaking their first words from the very first lesson. Research shows that 15 hours of Babbel language instruction is equivalent to an entire semester of university language lessons! The course material is extremely engaging, designed around your interests and designed to get you speaking those all-important first Swedish words from the first lesson. Interactive voice recognition corrects your pronunciation and real-world speakers introduce local accents and total authenticity. Check your progress at any time in your personal interactive dashboard, take dynamic review lessons and learn faster than you could ever imagine possible!

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Begin speaking Swedish

Whether you are new to Swedish or just looking to refresh your grammar skills, Babbel can help you leapfrog forwards to language success in no time. Even better, you can try the first lesson without commitment. Just download the app and try your first online Swedish class for free. If you like it, you can just upgrade there and then and get started on your language journey without delay. Ready to explore the world and become a global student? Take the leap today!

Features of Babbel:

  • Transparent subscription fee

  • Personal dashboard to track your learning progress

  • Bite-size, tailored lessons built around real-world situations

  • A successful programme that has worked for millions of learners