How To Speak Swedish

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How to speak Swedish

How to speak Swedish fast with Babbel

Swedish, the official language in Sweden and Finland, is also spoken widely in the United Kingdom as well as Canada. With over 10 million native speakers, Swedish is one of the Norse languages, closely resembling the Danish and the Norwegian languages. Those looking to learn Swedish or speak Swedish will eventually also find it easy to follow other North Germanic languages sharing the same origin. There are, however, several regional dialects of the language mainly used in the rural regions, that do vary from standard Swedish.

Vocabulary and grammar

Swedish vocabulary draws heavily from its Germanic origins, often borrowing words from Greek, Latin, English, Romani, German and the French language. French and German words are easily recognised from their accents and syllable stress. Words are often formed by compounding or combining nouns and verbs. Derivations and suffixes are also used to create new words – making verbs from nouns and vice versa. Grammar operates along similar lines to German and English, with a few occasional variations.

How to learn Swedish?

There are several ways in which students or language enthusiasts can learn Swedish. Regular classes, books, CDs, tapes, e-learning, online tutorials, a language swap arrangement, student exchange programmes or a visit to Sweden for a brief period are all equally effective techniques to learn the language. That being said, the type of learning adopted should be effective in terms of both the learning and costs.

While regular classes may require physical attendance and will incur some expenses, online classes may either be free or charged, but they do save a lot of time and effort required to catch up with regular sessions while also allowing students to learn Swedish at their own pace.

Depending on the learning ability of the students, they can opt to attend lectures on how to speak Swedish topics, learn from printed material or turn to audio visual presentation to improve their learning experience and knowledge levels.

How to speak Swedish?

Before unravelling the “how to speak Swedish” tricks, it is imperative that the individual has the passion and commitment to learn the language. The best way to speak Swedish is to practice speaking the language at every possible occasion. Listening to music and film dialogues in the native language and practising language pronunciations both aloud and silently help build familiarity with the vocabulary and its usage.

Group learning is a great way to learn to speak Swedish. Group discussions, queries and conversing in Swedish while in class improve interactions, intonation and enable students to develop a casual conversational style.

How to speak Swedish with Babbel

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