Introduction to Swedish

Learn more about the benefits of mastering Swedish, and understand how Babbel can support you in your quest to become fluent fast.


Open up a world of possibilities

Studying Swedish is a wonderful way to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating destination. It's also essential for those working with Swedish businesses or individuals who want to live outside of their home country. Despite a relatively small population, Sweden boasts one of the Europe's top ten economies, one that is notable for its robust export market. For these reasons, gaining fluency may prove hugely important for business representatives looking to trade with clients.

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The benefits of speaking Swedish

Swedish is in the Northern Germanic family of languages, it is spoken by 10 million people. Unlike Latin or Slavic languages, which are both more of a challenge, Swedish is considered one of the easiest to get to grips with. Why not choose this language and put yourself in prime position to be the number one person at your firm to act as a representative when it comes to communicating with Swedish clients or delegates?

How to learn Swedish fast

The fastest and most effective way to learn Swedish is with the help of an online learning provider, such as Babbel. All our Swedish courses have been built by a team of over 150+ language experts. These courses can get you speaking, reading and understanding Swedish effectively.


Features of Babbel

  • Babbel is a more affordable option than traditional classroom-based lessons and it can even offer a more effective way to learn. In fact, just 15 hours with Babbel is comparable to one semester of college-based language classes.

  • The app also offers a mix of learning styles and covers all aspects of language acquisition including listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each audio feature in courses is spoken in a variety of Swedish dialects, offering a benefit compared to a class where students have just one tutor.

  • Babbel allows learners to progress at your own pace: Learn at a time that suits you, integrating the modules around your life. Curious? Choose one of 12 Swedish courses on offer and start practicing the language today!

Discover app-based learning

App-based language lessons offer a wide range of advantages over classroom teaching. Once you have downloaded the Babbel app you will remain logged in and taken directly to the correct point of the class, each time you open it. Featuring a voice recognition feature, Babbel helps improve your Swedish pronunciation as you progress through the course. The app also saves all your progress in the Cloud, which means you can download it to more than one device and access the course wherever you are. Mastering the Swedish language can get you ahead in business, help you gain a deeper understanding of the country, and provide viable opportunities to live and work remotely. The app is available on desktop, iOS and Android.