How to learn foreign languages smartly in 2019

“Babbel is one of the stalwarts of the online language-learning sphere.”

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Speak a foreign language like you’ve always wanted to

Babbel helps you learn more than just a list of words in a foreign language. It focuses on practical, everyday conversation so you get chatting with confidence. And quickly, too; 15 hours of Babbel are equal to one university term of a language course (shown by a study from the City University of New York).

1. Real-life conversations

Learn to have relevant and useful real-life conversations with helpful tips made specifically for English speakers.

2. Bite-sized lessons made by experts

Our lessons only take 15 minutes on average and are crafted by our team of language experts. Even one lesson a day will make a difference.

3. Easy to use, never boring

You choose the topics that matter to you and our simple interface means you just get on with learning your foreign language.

4. Learn anywhere, anytime

With progress synced across your devices and lessons you can download for offline, you choose whenever and wherever you learn.

Which languages can you learn with Babbel?

Currently, you can learn the following languages: