How To Speak Turkish

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How to speak Turkish

How to speak Turkish fast with Babbel

The official language of Turkey, Turkish, is a Turkic language that spreads all the way to Eastern Europe, starting from its origin in the Middle East. It is now spoken by over 77 million people across the world. Turkish is written using a Latin alphabet introduced in 1928 by Atatürk to replace the Ottoman Turkish alphabet, a version of Perso-Arabic alphabet.

Spoken along a wide Eurasian belt, this language is part of the Turkish subgroup of Oghuz languages and is understood in many Central Asian countries. Learning how to speak Turkish is worth it if you are traveling to countries such as Germany, Turkey, Macedonia, Kosovo, Cyprus and even Bulgaria, Iraq and Greece.

Differences between Turkish & English

Turkish has 29 letters and does not contain the Q, W and X of the English language. It has 21 consonants and 8 vowels, making it easy for Turkish speaking people to learn English.

Turkish has vowel harmony, which implies that all the vowels in a particular word should be of the same type. On the other hand, English has the feature of random vowels. ‘Sport’ and ‘Support’ in English would become ‘Siport’ and ‘Sport’ respectively in Turkish.

Turkish also does not have the usage of ‘is/are.’ Sentences like ‘I happy’, ‘you going’ and ‘they coming’ save a learner from weeks of learning the basics of subject verb agreement. The English article ‘the’ is also not part of the Turkish language. Learning how to speak Turkish becomes a bit simpler as Turkish does not have word gender.

The verb in a Turkish sentence features at the end and it has only two past tenses. As it is pronounced exactly the way it is written, learning how to speak Turkish is relatively easy if one learns enough Turkish words.

Different learning methods

To learn or speak Turkish, one must improve one’s Turkish vocabulary and memorise words as you need to know what those words mean to be able to learn and speak Turkish. Here are a few ways to learn how to speak Turkish:

Language course – Joining a language course is one of the most common ways to learn to speak Turkish. Various universities and institutes offer courses that cover the basic to advanced elements of the language and conduct classes and lectures.

Exchange program – Exchange programs enable you to visit Turkish speaking countries where you can learn Turkish by joining courses and interacting with people regularly.

Traveling – When we travel to places, we tend to pick up a bit of the local language. This is another way through which one can learn to speak Turkish.

Online courses and e-learning – Several websites offer online courses, computer programs and e-learning courses that can help learn Turkish.

Learn how to speak Turkish with Babbel

Searching for a new and innovative way to learn Turkish? Babbel offers a comprehensive platform combining several multimedia tools and mobile apps to help you understand how to speak Turkish correctly. With interactive exercises learning is not only effective but also fun.

Babbel helps you learn Turkish in a systematic and flexible way, providing you the ease of learning whenever and wherever you desire. It also helps you perfect your pronunciation by way of monitoring and scoring through a microphone, while its exercises improve your vocabulary. Easy and affordable, Babbel provides the perfect platform to learn Turkish.