How to speak Turkish like a native

Turkish is among the top 15 languages spoken worldwide, with 75 million native speakers. The Republic of Turkey acts as a vital geographic, cultural, economic and political connection between Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. The country is also renown for its history, culture, society and travel opportunities.


Ways to learn the Turkish language

  • Working in Turkey Learn the language and not only will you become a truer global citizen, but potentially you'll be well placed to better understand the region's geopolitics. This will place you perfectly for jobs across Europe and beyond. Equally, if you want to work in Turkey's vast tourism sector, it's essential to have at least a basic grip of the language.

  • Enriching your study The former home of the Ottoman Empire is one of the most fascinating historical and cultural centres of the world. Whether your subject is ancient Byzantium history, the art and architecture of Constantinople, Middle-Eastern cuisine or archaeology, there is nothing as powerful as learning about Turkey within the country and through its rich and historic language.

  • Travel and holiday Turkey is hugely popular with British expats, many of whom migrate abroad to enjoy the weather, cuisine, friendly people and great leisure lifestyle. The country is a huge tourist hotspot thanks to its melting pot of Western and Eastern influences and wonderful sights; from the colour and energy of Istanbul through to the stunning coastal towns of Antalya.

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Looking for tips on how to speak Turkish?

  • Conversation! Don't be afraid to say it out loud.

  • Immerse yourself in the culture, book a trip.

  • Listen to native speakers.

  • Use an interactive learning tool.

  • Set achievable goals.

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Learning Turkish with Babbel

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Features of the app

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