Language 101: An introduction to Turkish

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Quick Summary

  • Turkey is an ancient civilisation that occupies a strategically important position in the world, and which is growing fast.
  • People who speak Turkish will find that a whole new world of opportunities opens up to them - from academic to work-based, and from travel and friendship.
  • Begin studying the Turkish language


Speak Turkish like you've always wanted to If you want to be in demand from businesses, government organisations and NGOs, then Turkish is a fantastic language to add to your CV. The country occupies a vitally important strategic position and with a very young, politically and socially active young population, it economy is rocketing and its society rapidly evolving. Turkey is an exciting country on the cusp of change, and those with the relevant language skills could find themselves in demand.

Unlock a new world A whopping 75 million people speak Turkish as a first language and another 15 million speak it as a second. If you learn it, you also get a head-start on around thirty other Turkic languages in this fascinating region, so who knows where your language journey will ultimately take you!

Become a global citizen Whether you love holidaying in Antalya, exploring the vibrancy of Istanbul or seeing the country's vast open-air museum of historic artefacts and ruins, the language deepens your experience, allows you to make new friends and shows great willing on your part.

Acquire Turkish language skills today

Classroom learning can be sociable and fun, but it's extremely hard to fit in a fixed evening class in a busy schedule! And what's more, if your class progress is a little slower than you'd like to go, you'll have to wait for everyone to catch up. Conversational practice can be useful, but again, you're tied to the scheduled time and both need to be at a level where you can speak confidently. And online content has no quality guarantee and tends to be packed with adverts!

An app brings the power of an academic course to the convenience of your smartphone! Award-winning Babbel has been developed by 150 expert language teachers and the results truly work. In fact, Babbel is trusted by millions of learners across the world, many of whom have gone on to learn more than one second language through the app.

You'll simply choose the level that suits your needs and begin to speak the Turkish language in your very first bite-sized lesson. How? Real accents provide authenticity to the tailored, real-world content, and voice-recognition technology guides your answers and gives you real confidence in what you are saying. You'll be speaking Turkish in no time and having fun as you do. There's also a huge community of fellow learners to engage with and plenty of rich content on the website too, so that you can really immerse yourself in your new world of language and culture.

Features of Babbel

  • A language course perfectly designed for your smartphone
  • Bite-sized lessons which you can do anywhere and at any time
  • A personalised review dashboard to see your progress and dynamic progress check lessons to help you focus on any development areas.
  • A course that is highly effective with 15 minutes of Babbel equivalent to a full university semester of language instruction.
  • Absolutely no advertising, ever!

Ready to take your Turkish language journey to its next step? Whether you are a complete beginner or already fairly confident, Babbel will help you to speak, write, listen and read Turkish in a quicker time than you ever imagined. You'll also find that the fun and tailored lessons are never a chore thanks to their engaging content, authentic voice actors and scenarios which bring your language aspirations to life. Just download the app, choose your level and try the first lesson for free. You then can sign up to the entire course from your phone if you want to get started! What are you waiting for?