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Learn French

How to speak French fast with Babbel

Learn French? Bien sûr! Apart from the notion that everything just sounds better and more sexy in French, it’s a language spoken by a lot of people around the world. And we mean a lot. Current estimations put the number around 300 million. That includes partial speakers and speakers of numerous French dialects and creoles. French is the 6th most widely spoken language on earth today.

French is one of the fastest growing languages in the world and, like Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish, it is a Romance language. That means it descends from Vulgar (Common) Latin, the everyday language of the Romans. But there’s not much that’s vulgar associated with the language today, as French learners often enjoy a romanticised feel when studying the language (see: “Ooh la la” !).

Why learn French?

If you’re looking for an adventure, you can’t do much better than learn French to prepare yourself. In addition to France, it is an official language in 28 countries, making it 2nd place only to English. Those 28 countries include Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, Haiti, the Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Monaco, Seychelles, Switzerland, Togo and Vanuatu. From one side of the monde to the other!

Perhaps you’re looking to work abroad for a bit? Again, learning French is one of the best ways to improve your chances. This is a language of international politics, media, and business. This shows by the fact that it is the procedural language for the EU, the only language used for deliberations at the Court of Justice for the EU and one of the recognized working languages of the United Nations. Also, when browsing job adverts asking for fluency in a foreign language, French is often one of the languages employers ask for.

However, there is another well-known feature of French that lures people to this tongue. The language of Voltaire and Dumas, Georges Bizet and Louis de Funes, French has given the world a wonderful collection of works of literature, philosophy, music, and film. Many learn to discover more about - and then fall in love with - French culture. Maybe that’s you, and maybe you’ll be Frenchifying yourself before you can shout “fantastique!”

How to learn French?

Because of its international significance, and whether you’re a complete beginner or a little more advanced, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to ways to learn French. Online courses and resources, apps, language school classes, books and private tutors are the obvious routes.

Most of the time, it pays to use a combination of ways to pick up a new language, and it’s no different when learning French. There are so many fun (and often free) resources online you can use on top of your main learning method. These can be videos on YouTube, podcasts, blogs, audiobooks, Italian films/series (with or without subtitles) or social media accounts. Even illustrations of French animal idioms.

Learn French with Babbel

There might be a few isolated English words that you already know are French, but, when you learn French with Babbel, you learn everyday, real-life conversation. That means stuff that is practical and useful for your travels, work or just impressing friends and family! From ordering food to shopping, we quickly get you talking with confidence.

Don’t forget fun - you will have some! Because, with Babbel, you learn topics that you choose. From emailing in French to music, you learn what matters to you and what you find interesting. And all course content is crafted and tailored for English speakers by our in-house team of expert linguists. Our proud language super geeks!

Finally, if you are concerned about finding the time, then you needn’t be. Babbel lessons are only 15 minutes long on average. That’s short enough for most commutes or a quick break during your day. And great to keep you busy on a plane (when you download lessons in advance). Even one lesson a day makes a difference!

Give Babbel a go and start your French voyage today. Your first lesson is free!