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Why should you learn French?

Learning a new language is an excellent way to challenge yourself and helps you reach new heights in the process. Having the French language in your resume can only positively affect your career. If your dream is to work for some of the most prominent organisations in the world like the United Nations, then learning French will likely open those doors. The first step? Enrol in a French course.

Learn to communicate in French

First thing's first: grammar. To express yourself in the language, you need to make use of verbs. Unlike English verbs, French verbs have specific endings. These are, however, infinitive forms of the verbs. For the verbs to be used in a sentence, they have to be conjugated. French nouns have a gender, which means they are either feminine or masculine. When you hear the French Speak, you will notice the different ways they use to address each other.

The French language etiquette may not be straightforward to beginners but becomes easier once you master the language. Before you start going through huge French textbooks, there is a much easier and way more fun way to learn. If you look online, you will find hundreds of French courses on offer. Most of these however lack structure and the input of professional linguistic experts. That's where Babbel comes in.

Learn using an app

Studies show that the best way to learn a new language is to dive right in and immerse yourself native speakers. This isn't always possible, so Babbel is the next best thing. Designed by a team of professional educators and French language experts, Babbel is an excellent French learning application and the courses revolve around real-life scenarios. The app requires the learner to exercise discipline, as there are no fixed learning schedules but this just means you get to pick a convenient time depending on your schedule- another reason to love Babbel.

Features of Babbel

  • Speech Recognition technology

  • Babbel has a review feature to help learners remember what they learn

  • The French course is made by French language experts to guarantee quality

  • Babbel has a dialogue trainer that engage learners in real-life topics conversations

Before you go...

Tired of the long, boring French lessons? Try Babbel. Babbel incorporates audio and video exercises to make the learning experience fun and memorable. What's more, you can connect with other Babbel users who can help you better your French. Babbel's expertly crafted French course will have you speaking fluent French in no time. Learning French will break any language barriers you may experience while travelling for those with an adventurous spirit. Whether for business or pleasure, learning a few phrases in French will make any trip to France or a French speaking country considerably easier.

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