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Learn French

How to speak French fast with Babbel

Language is one of the greatest displays of the diversity of the world. Thousands of tongues are spoken across the world, each unique in orthography, grammar, and pronunciation. Many people are drawn to language learning. Some people begin foreign language studies due to their interest in a particular tongue, whilst others see benefits in language acquisition but struggle to make a choice. The French language is one possible option.

No other language has developed such diverging learning-related stereotypes as French. Some of those who learn French believe their studies are accompanied by a romanticised feel; others claim that learning French is hard and dull. However, all stereotypes come from personal perspectives and tastes. Facts, on the other hand, remain what they are. Knowledge of the French language has many benefits.

Why learn French?

You have all probably heard the term ‘lingua franca’ and know its meaning. Ask this question: why does it seem so linguistically foreign to English? The answer is simple: It came from French. This example is very symbolic; it demonstrates the importance of the French language in cross-border communication. Countries where French is an official language can can be congregated into a long row. The French-speaking world consists of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Canada, former French colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, and Oceania. If you are going on holiday or on a work-related task to any of these countries, even knowledge of basic French will help you get around more easily.

You can also improve your chances of finding a good job by learning French. This is a language of international politics, media, and business. Nowadays, commercial relations have become globally interwoven, and you can see by browsing job adverts that many positions request fluency in a foreign language, French being one of the most common ones.

However, there is another feature that lures people to this tongue. The language of Voltaire and Dumas, Georges Bizet and Louis de Funes, French has given the world a wonderful collection of works of literature, philosophy, music, and film. Many learn French in order to gain greater familiarity with French culture.

How to learn French?

Due to the international significance of the language, virtually all publishers that specialise in foreign language instruction have released materials that aid the study of French. They exist in different formats: Printed, digital, and online. Some cover the basics, others are supposed to be fast-track, and some promise to take you from beginner to advanced. You need to keep one thing in mind in the last case; the methodologies they use are not without flaws, and you might not learn French to the stated level.

Learn French with Babbel

Babbel offers you a number of advantages to learn French efficiently at a low price. The interface is free from advertising, thus allowing you to concentrate on your studies without distractions. Emphasis is put on interactivity, as one of the main approaches of Babbel is that learning a language should be fun and entertaining. Reviews of your progress are provided, and a team of linguistic assistants will come to your help if requested. Moreover, there is an opportunity to chat to people who learn French and even to native French speakers through the Babbel Community and practice your skills with them. Learning French can be both beneficial and fun. You just need to choose the right resource.