Language 101: An introduction to French

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Why Learn Another Language?

The world today is incredibly interconnected and interdependent. Being proficient in more than one language gives you a massive edge over most of the world’s population, and a large portion of the world practically opens up to you. You can finally engage with the rest of the world in a more hands-on way because you have the tools to succeed in a global economy.

So what specific benefits come with learning a foreign language? Well, here are a few of them:

Why Learn French?

French is a language that is spoken by over 220 million people in more than 88 countries. It is one of two of the only languages taught in every country on the planet, the other language being English. Furthermore, it is the sixth most spoken language globally. France also operates the world’s largest network of cultural institutions teaching French to over a million learners every year. Does all that still not convince you?

Here are more reasons why learning French is a great idea:

  1. It is a plus on the international job market. French and English are widely sought after language in the international job market. Simply speaking both English and French will open many doors, particularly in French-speaking countries in the world.

  2. It is the language of culture. If you truly want to appreciate music, art, fashion, wine, cooking, dance and architecture, you need to learn French. With French, you gain access to a whole new world of literature, film and music.

  3. It is the language of travel. France welcomes over 87 million tourists every year. If you are planning to visit France, speaking a little French will make your trip much more enjoyable. A knowledge of French is also a huge plus when travelling to most parts of West and Central Africa, Canada and Switzerland, among many other countries.

  4. It is very easy to learn. This is one of the reasons why French is so popular. It is very enjoyable to learn and does not take long to achieve a decent level of knowledge that will allow you to communicate in basic French.

With Babbel, French is even easier and more intuitive to learn. You do not need to take classes or hire tutors, because Babbel delivers a tonne of useful resources right to you. It also has a collection of vital tools that will help you improve your comprehension and speech, such as the integrated speech recognition system that helps you learn to pronounce words the right way. With courses added every month, a simple and affordable monthly subscription is all you need to open yourself up to a whole new world.

Learning French with Babbel

Babbel was among the first online platforms to come up with an app that allowed anyone to learn a foreign language of their choice. The Babbel curriculum is a collection of time-tested and proven language learning strategies which ensure that anyone who uses the platform can realize tangible results within a very short time. By immersing the learners completely in a new language, and forcing them to find themselves in situations which get them to use real-life dialogue, the process of learning a new language becomes seamless and easy, and anyone can be able to speak confidently in no time at all. This is why the method of having you learn through conversations with native speakers has proven so effective.

With Babbel, you will get to learn the French language rapidly and according to your current competency level and interests. There are beginner courses, which are simple introductions to French, intermediate courses, which are perfect for anyone who needs to improve their basic skills, and advanced French grammar courses. You can also opt to go for specialised courses like the listening and speaking course, the reading and writing course, the words and sentences course or special courses. All the courses are offered at competitive prices that are flexible and affordable.

So What Do You Get with a Babbel French Course?