Why learn to speak Polish

The Polish language has spread widely over the years and is now commonly used in education and diplomatic communications. Whether you are visiting Poland for business or pleasure, enrolling in a Polish course is a great first step to a successful trip. A Polish course can help you understand the history, culture and traditions behind this Central Eastern European country. Polish is also a great starting point for other Eastern European and Slavic language courses.

Learn Polish with an app

One of best things about enrolling for a Polish course with Babbel is that you are not confined to a classroom. Babbel has flexible timetables that can work around your schedule. Not only that, but Babbel is committed to ad free learning and believe that the addition of ads are a nuisance and can greatly hinder your progress. Babbel also comes with the useful Review Manager feature that notifies you on vocabularies that need to be revised. The app is straightforward to use, even for those with little computing knowledge.

How to get started

The good news is you can now enrol and start learning Polish at a discounted rate. Registering for the course is free. First, we want you to familiarise yourself with the course and can do this by taking thirty to eighty free Polish lessons before signing up for a Babbel subscription. Babbel strives to make learning an interactive and fun, and its numerous features such as speech recognition, get you speaking the language like a native. The language course is created by real-life Polish native speakers and language teachers.

Learn a new language fast

When learning feels less like a chore, learners grasp things faster. Babbel prioritises the information that will get you speaking Polish in no time. Incorporating both video and audio exercises is a strategy used by Babbel to help learners read, write, and accurately pronounce Polish words. You also get to share your learning experience with other students through the application.

Features of Babbel

  • You get to take Polish lessons without disruptive adverts.

  • Real-life Polish speakers voice exercises to help your pronunciation.

  • There is voice recognition to help you polish your pronunciation skills.

  • The app has a progress board to help you identify the areas you need to improve on.


The best thing about Babbel is that you can learn the language at your own pace. The app gives students the freedom to structure learning as they desire. As a learner, it is best to have personal goals and know where your focus lies. Take it one step at a time and ensure you understood the lesson before proceeding to the next one. Babbel makes it easier for beginners to grasp the Polish language by dividing the course into different categories like colours, numbers, animals, and many more. The application practices writing, listening, and speaking skills. The app has grammar lessons complete with interactive exercises. There are various multimedia exercises and up-to-date technology to help users learn the right way.

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