Why learn to speak Polish?

Polish is spoken by more than 55 million people in Poland and in emigrant communities around Europe and in North America. Whether you’re going to the local Polish grocer or visiting Poland, getting started with Polish is a great first step to connecting with the people you’ll meet. Knowing even just a bit of Polish can help you understand the history, culture and traditions behind this Central Eastern European country, and Polish is a great starting point for learning other Slavic languages with its similarities to Czech, Russian and others.

How to get started with learning Polish?

The logical place to get started with Polish is with a language course. However, in-person classes aren’t easy to find, and they don’t offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace and in your own time. With the Babbel App, you can get started with Polish when and where it works best for you. The bite-sized lessons easily fit into your schedule and let you make quick progress in Polish in just 15 minutes per day. The key to improving your Polish skills is making learning a habit, for example finishing a lesson on the train to work or during your break.

Babbel prioritises the information that will get you speaking Polish in no time, including useful topics like introducing yourself, talking about family and friends, saying where you’re from and the ever important “Proszę to powtórzyć” (“Please repeat that”). Incorporating both video and audio exercises is a strategy used by Babbel to help you read, write, and accurately pronounce Polish words.

Learn Polish online with Babbel-App

  • Award-winning teaching method used by millions of learners around the world

  • Tailored, engaging and real-world content at beginner and advanced levels

  • Audio exercises recorded by native Polish speakers train your ear to understand spoken Polish

  • Content covering all aspects of learning: speaking, writing, reading and listening

  • The Babbel Review Manager helps keep track of the words you’ve learned and the ones needing another look

Polish lessons for you–the first on us

The best thing about Babbel is that you can learn the language at your own pace. The app gives you the freedom to structure learning as it suits you best. As a learner, it’s best to have personal goals and know where your focus lies. Take it one step at a time and ensure you understand one lesson before proceeding to the next one. Babbel makes it easier for beginners to grasp the Polish language by dividing the course into different categories like colours, numbers, animals, and many more. The app practices writing, listening and speaking skills. The app has grammar lessons complete with interactive exercises and up-to-date technology to help you learn the right way.

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