Polish phrases and common sentences

Historically, the Polish language was understood as lingua franca across Central and Eastern Europe. Polish is a Slavic language originally derived from Old Polish. It is estimated that there are over 55 million Polish speakers worldwide.

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Learn to speak Polish with confidence

Spoken as a first language by almost 40 million people in Poland, Polish is also a common second language among those who live in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Additionally, pockets of Polish-speaking people are common in many western countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. As a result, learning Polish may prove useful in more places than you might expect. As a language that rarely features as an option in schools, Polish can seem almost more foreign and incomprehensible than more familiar languages. However, although it's a member of the western Slavic group of languages, it shares certain similarities with German, French and Latin. Consequently, if you have some knowledge of one of these languages, you may well find that learning some Polish phrases may not be as tricky as you fear. Even if you don't, Babbel's unique language course structure uses your own native language to form the building blocks of your acquisition of Polish.

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What are some useful Polish phrases to learn for beginners?

  • Good day = Dzień dobry

  • My name is = Nazywam się

  • Please = Proszę

  • Thank you = Dziękuję

  • How are you? = Jak się masz?

  • I'm sorry = Przykro mi

Acquire Polish phrases for your holiday

Poland is an increasingly popular holiday destination. With budget airlines offering more transport choice than ever, it's easy to make even short trips to historic and picturesque cities such as Gdańsk and Kraków. Rebuilt after its almost total destruction in the Second World War, Warsaw is also a vibrant and very attractive place to visit and practise your newly-acquired Polish language skills. Beyond the cities lie the lakes, hills, forests and farmland of the Polish countryside. With English far less widely-spoken outside major metropolitan areas, a few Polish phrases can help ensure your holiday proceeds smoothly as well as giving you an insight into the country that those who do not speak the language may never glimpse. With more businesses than ever forming links with Poland, acquiring some knowledge of the Polish language can help you form long-lasting, lucrative and cordial professional relationships. Whether it's introductory pleasantries or having the vocabulary necessary to translate a menu, get a taxi or check into a hotel, learning some key phrases for business through Babbel could be one of the best investments you make in your career.


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Committing to face-to-face language classes held at a regular time can be tricky if you have to fit them around work or studies. Designed with user flexibility in mind, Babbel's online courses allow you to learn at a time and in a place that best suits you. The ad-free interface removes extraneous distractions, while a selection of apps for mobile devices means you can take your lessons with you even when you're travelling.

Babbel understands that many language students have specific aims. You might want to ensure you can order a meal in a restaurant with confidence or perhaps you want to familiarise yourself with commonly-used idioms. Whatever your goal, themed modules enable you to tailor your course to focus on what's most important for you.

Some online language students worry that they are missing out on conversing with other learners. However, the Babbel Board gives you the chance to connect with others learning Polish, share tips and tricks and practise your emerging conversation skills.

Learn common sentences in Polish

Designed by native speakers, Babbel's affordable Polish language courses allow you to choose the learning experience that best suits you. With highly-structured but relatively short lessons and an emphasis on reinforcement through regular practice, following a Babbel course should soon have you comfortable with using a wide variety of Polish words, phrases and sentences.