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Babbel boosts learning with award-winning in-app podcasts

  • Language learning podcasts available for English, Spanish, French and Italian learners, as well as German and English speakers

  • Created by Babbel’s language experts to support two main user needs: strengthening speaking skills and learning on the go

  • A winner in the 2020 IELA-Awards 2020 the podcasts already have over 1 million downloads

Babbel, the world's top-grossing language learning app, announces the integration of new and already award-winning language learning podcasts into its app. The podcasts cover everything from culture to country-specific narratives across ten different series in various formats - from talk shows to storytelling. Created by Babbel’s language experts they follow a proven learning method that guarantees an effective language learning experience. Babbel now gives its users the possibility to learn a language hands-free while cooking, driving or working out - something that was frequently requested. And it’s already met with demand: Since their introduction, the podcasts have already seen more than a million downloads.

Babbel’s podcasts are tailored to the learner’s native language in the same way as the Babbel app, adding another audio-based layer to the app’s interactive text, speech and video trainers. The result is a deeper learning experience that addresses the needs of different learner types and preferences. Currently users have access to over 50 hours and 70 episodes of podcast content in both mono and bilingual formats for beginners up to intermediate-advanced levels.

“By integrating podcasts into our app we are reacting to feedback about two main user needs: supporting real-life conversations while providing the flexibility to learn a new language on the go, therefore maximizing their downtime. Of course, we didn’t just focus on the best possible linguistic content, but created an entertaining setting to provide cultural information and anecdotes that provoke a deeper connection and give the learner the confidence to speak in and understand a new cultural surrounding.” Geoff Stead, Chief Product Officer at Babbel.

The Babbel Podcasts - overview:

Attractive formats: So far Babbel has produced ten different podcast series, including A-Zero-To-A-Hero which showcases the journey of a Spanish beginner’s learning progression, and Auf Sprachreise which tells great real-life stories of the American wilderness or life at a British boarding school. All available series can be found here: Babbel Podcasts

Anytime, Anywhere: The podcasts can be played ad-free from the app at any time and anywhere - while at home, out jogging, cooking, on the train or commuting - making learning on the go possible from anywhere in the world.

Confidence building: Babbel gives learners a comfortable learning space to hear real-life conversations. Hearing native speakers use their own language in conversation gives users the confidence to go out of the app and try speaking themselves, while also providing a cultural context to their new language.

Make your downtime count: Learners who don’t have the energy or are lacking the focus to start a new lesson in the app can still make use of their spare time: Sit back and relax or multitask while listening to a podcast. Bilingual content is easy for those who want to do two things at once, and monolingual content is suited for a little more focus.

Proven methodology: In the Babbel podcasts, a variety of different learning methods are combined to offer the best possible language-learning solution. In talk-show formats, the focus is on the teaching aspects: Here learners can listen to conversations between native speaking teachers and students - the perfect learning method for beginners. Stories and conversations are tied into a cultural context, so listeners get closer to and a deeper understanding of the language’s culture. Listening to anecdotes and narratives in the learning language makes learners understand the context and pronunciation faster. The podcasts also focus on the learning environment by language expert hosts, giving tips on language learning while adding context and explaining concepts.

Additional Podcast Facts:

A Zero To A Hero is by far the most popular podcast across all Babbel markets, with the most downloads. Tailored towards beginners, this podcast is from the perspective of a native English speaker learning Spanish for the first time.

The podcasts have over one million downloads.

The top 3 nations of podcast listeners are 1. US 2. Germany 3. UK.

The podcast player is now in the app under: Babbel Podcast

Language learners can also discover Babbel’s podcasts on Spotify and in the Apple Podcasts app.

About Babbel

Babbel develops and operates an ecosystem of interconnected online language learning experiences and is driven by the purpose of creating mutual understanding through language. This means building products that help people connect and communicate across cultures. The Babbel App, Babbel Live, Babbel Podcasts and Babbel for Business products focus on using a new language in the real world, in real situations, with real people. And it works: Studies by linguists from institutions such as Michigan State University, Yale University and the City University of New York demonstrated the efficacy of Babbel’s language learning methods.

The key is a blend of humanity and technology. Babbel offers more than 60,000 lessons across 15 languages, hand-crafted by nearly 200 didactics experts, with user behaviors continuously analysed to shape and tweak the learner experience. This results in constantly adapting, interactive content with live classes, games, podcasts and videos that make understanding a new language easy, from Spanish to Indonesian.

Because Babbel is for everyone, its team is as diverse as its content. From its headquarters in Berlin and its U.S. office in New York, 1000 people from more than 80 nationalities represent the backgrounds, characteristics and perspectives that make all humans unique. Babbel sold over 15 million subscriptions by creating a true connection with users.

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