Introduction to the Polish language

Polish counts over 50 million speakers worldwide. Together with Russian, Ukrainian and Czech, Polish is a part of the Slavic group of languages. From work, to tourism and making new friends, even a few phrases of Polish will take you further.


Introduction to the Polish language

Why Polish will take you further Thinking about taking a trip to Poland? This beautiful country readily welcomes visitors and you'll get all the more from your experience as a responsible traveller if you speak a little of the language. Perhaps you have family there who you have always wanted to visit - or maybe you are travelling in a country with large Polish-speaking populations such as the USA? The more you can integrate yourself with language abilities, the more exciting your experiences and the more local people will welcome you.

Discover new career opportunities Perhaps you've thought about working in Poland? The economy is growing fast and there are plenty of opportunities in sectors such as pharma, manufacturing and banking where skilled employees are needed. Why limit yourself when a new language can take you further! Similarly, you might be interested in tracing your family roots, learning about Polish history or exploring its rich culture; all of which is vastly more interesting when you have language skills in the mix.

Increase your cognitive abilities Learning the Polish language is a great way to give your brain a good workout. This can help to stave off mental decline and to keep you sharp. The good news is that it needn't be too challenging either. The Polish alphabet is familiar and words are spelt in a way that makes pronunciation easy. There are only 5 verb tenses too in Polish, compared to a whopping 16 in English, and thanks to a shared Latin root, there are also plenty of similar words between the two languages.

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How to study Polish effectively?

There are various ways to learn a new language. You might take an evening class - but you will be limited to your attendance and will have to progress at the speed of the class. You might do a Skype class, but again, you will need to book on to a defined slot which limits flexibility. There is online content which can be useful as you broaden your exploration of Poland and its language, but many students find that the advertising is distracting! Perhaps you will consider joining millions of other successful learners and download the Babbel app onto your smartphone instead? It's the modern way to learn, combining a well-researched teaching methodology with cutting-edge technology. What's more, it makes learning fun and effective, so that your lessons are never a chore. Research shows that 15 hours of Babbel learning are equivalent to an entire semester of language instruction at university!

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Features of Babbel

  • Local accents for total authenticity

  • Interactive review dashboard to help you track your progress

  • Lessons that are around 15 minutes each and at the level that suits you

  • Engaging class content built around your interests and real-world situations

  • Voice recognition software that guides your accent and pronunciation expertly

  • A wealth of rich media and a vast global community of fellow learners to interact with

Speak Polish confidently

A whole world awaits you when you learn Polish - whether your aspirations are to simply gain a few phrases to show friendship and good willing to new Polish friends or to become a fluent speaker and operate confidently within Polish society. Babbel makes it easy for you to reach your goals, and the good news is that your first lesson is free, so you don't have to commit to anything. Simply download the app and give it a go. If you like it, then just select the 'upgrade membership' option, find somewhere quiet for 15 minutes and take the first steps to an exciting new journey of language success and global opportunities!