How to speak Polish like a native

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How to speak Polish

How to speak Polish fast with Babbel

Cześć! So, you want to learn how to speak Polish? You’ve made a great choice. Polish is spoken by over 55 million people and ranks 29th in the list of most spoken languages in the world. It is spoken in Poland, where it is the official language and is also one of the official languages of the European Union.

Polish is spoken as a second language in other countries including Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, but you can find Polish speakers all over the world. After Russian, it is the most widely spoken Slavic language, just ahead of Ukrainian.

As a part of the West Slavic group of Indo-European languages, Polish shares many similarities with most other languages of the group, such as Czech or Slovak. It is a challenging language, but beginners can quickly learn the basics and to speak a few Polish phrases.

Differences between Polish and English

To learn Polish is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks. Given its level of difficulty, there are now many ways to learn to write and speak Polish, and one can master it with determination and a lot of hard work.

A few ways to learn to write and speak Polish are:

Ways to learn Polish

There are many ways to learn Polish. Despite its difficulty, it is possible for a beginner to learn how to speak Polish and even master it. Online courses, apps, language school classes, **books, private tutors - the choice is yours!

Online courses and/or apps win if convenience is what you’re after. You choose where and when you study and how often; you set the pace and create your own schedule. If you need to fit your learning around busy work or family life, it’s perfect.

Language school classes have a teacher in the room - a strong benefit if personal instruction matters to you. They are also more affordable than a private tutor and a regular timetable can help keep your learning momentum going.

There are also many other fun (and often free) resources online to help you get a grip on the language. YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, Polish films/series (with or without English subtitles!), social media accounts and more. Even articles to help you tell someone off in Polish (but try to be nice, OK?).

Truth is, there is never usually a single ‘winning way’ to learn any language and Polish is no exception. The best approach is often a combination, and we suggest you explore the options and find what works best for you.

Learn how to speak Polish with Babbel

When you learn how to speak Polish with Babbel, you learn practical, real-life conversation. That’s useful stuff that will quickly get you talking with confidence.

And what would you like to learn? Because it’s your choice - you choose the topics! From everyday expressions to Polish idioms, you learn what interests you. And all content is crafted and tailored for English speakers by our in-house team of expert linguists.

Babbel lessons are only 15 minutes long on average. So there’s no chance your calendar will get too upset. You can easily fit in a lesson on your commute, lunch break, on the sofa and even in the air (when you download lessons in advance). Even one lesson a day makes a difference!

Give Babbel a go and get on your way to speaking Polish. Your first lesson is free!