The Babbel learning kit

Your personal language learning kit, equipped with a variety of activities that keep you engaged and motivated on your learning journey.

Did you know you’re most likely to see progress and feel successful on your language learning journey if you switch between activities regularly? Babbel’s range of learning activities work together organically to offer you an experience that’s tailored to your motivation, your learning goals and your schedule. So, let’s take a closer look at Babbel's learning kit and how you can get the most out of it!

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Welcome to the your learning kit!

Feeling motivated to deep dive into your target language? Fantastic! We could just say “keep it up!” and leave you to it, but we all know that sometimes life gets in the way and it can be hard to find the motivation to learn every day. Creating a learning habit is far easier when the content is engaging, you can switch things up regularly and it’s low effort.

Imagine the Babbel learning kit is your gym equipment, we’re your coach and we’re creating a workout program: By alternating between exercises, you’ll not only have more fun and stay motivated, but you’ll develop different skills, find a consistent rhythm and reach your goal faster and more sustainably. You’ll find a number of different exercises to effectively train your pronunciation, your conversational, reading, listening and writing skills in your Babbel App and we’ll ping you with recommendations on which activity to try next.

Kick off your language learning journey with the Babbel App

Benefits of Babbel language  app

You’ve got the ball rolling, set up your account and downloaded the Babbel App – so what’s next? The app will be your main learning hub where you’ll find your lessons, see your progress, review your vocab, listen to podcasts or play games. Top tip: You can set how many activities you’d like to do per week and you can turn on notifications that will remind you when to come back to your lessons or review your vocab.

All lessons are max. 15 minutes long, so you can easily slot them into your schedule. You’ll get speaking and practising your pronunciation from the get go thanks to the speech recognition function. Realistic dialogues will teach you grammar and new vocabulary intuitively while you dive into topics that interest you.

Access your lessons wherever you are – on your commute, your lunchbreak, on your laptop before bedtime or whenever it suits you! Your progress will always be synced across all devices.

Discover Babbel Live: Speak actively and exchange with like-minded learners

Benefits of Babbel Live

Studying on your own is convenient and can be done anytime and anywhere, but practising with a teacher and other learners will really catapult you towards your goal of becoming a confident speaker. Babbel Live classes are an ideal addition to your lessons on the self-study app. You can choose from a wide variety of classes on different topics.

The live, online classes are taught by certified, native-speaking teachers which creates the perfect space for you to ask questions, engage in conversations and improve your pronunciation. You’ll receive real-time feedback and useful tips on how to navigate complex grammar. Join in on interesting discussions about culture and how languages bring us together. You’ll meet like-minded students from across the globe and share your experiences. Is the pace too slow or too fast? The small group setting of max. 6 students allows the teacher to cater to your needs. And in the meantime, you can always go back to your app lessons to catch up on different topics.

Relax your eyes and keep learning with Babbel Podcasts

Benefits of Babbel Podcast

Sometimes it’s just one of those days… finding the time for an app lesson is hard or you want to limit your screen time (we have all been there) but you still want to dedicate some time to your new language. This is when your learning kit is here to help. Our podcasts are a great way to train your listening skills, broaden your vocabulary and keep learning… all hands-free. Visit your podcast section in the Babbel App and pick an episode!

Podcasts can be much more than a passive listening exercise on a busy day, they are also an opportunity to reflect what you have been learning in your app lessons: A lot of Babbel students use the transcript function to jot down new words, read along and take their time to assimilate or understand a particularly difficult accent. The perfect learning strategy to prepare yourself for real-life conversations!

Babbel podcasts cover a broad variety of topics and are created by real language learning experts, but, most importantly, they tell stories of real people, native speakers of all backgrounds. They’re a great learning activity to feel connected to the world and learn about culture, people, everyday life experiences and beautiful traditions.

Add some fun pit stops to your learning journey with Babbel Games

Benefits of Babbel games

So let’s say you have been navigating the Babbel learning kit, learning with your app when your coach reminded you to, chatting with other students in a Babbel Live class, listening to a podcast while cooking dinner but now the week is almost over and you’d like a quick review to wrap up what you’ve learnt? Babbel’s games are an easy way to challenge yourself and help you secure new vocabulary in your long-term memory, while still having fun! Visit your Practice tab to start playing: Test your memory speed and spelling with Word Trax or face scary ghosts by building new sentences in the Phrase Maze.

You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy a good game, it could just be a way to review at the end of a long day and continue building your knowledge of your new language.

Learn smarter… and faster!

Mixing learning activities and methods is not only fun but will help you learn faster and more consistently. Alternating between the different activities in your learning kit will keep you motivated and help you understand what really works for you and your learning goals. And remember: Learning a language is much more than grammar and pronunciation. It’s culture, understanding, sparking conversations and feeling connected. Happy learning!

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