Babbel App Review: How to learn languages

Babbel trains your pronunciation with interactive lessons and speech recognition. Its app is designed by language teachers and linguists. Progress is synced across desktop and mobile apps. Not satisfied? No problem – there’s a straightforward 14-day money-back guarantee.

Introduction: Babbel App Review

People often ask us for a brief description of Babbel. How is it designed? Who uses it? What makes it different from other apps? We might not exactly be a neutral reviewer because we really like our product, but we want to answer the most common questions in this Babbel review and describe how you can use Babbel to learn Spanish, French or any of our 14 languages.

Babbel App Review

We’ll give you an idea of how Babbel works, who it’s for, get a sense of its advantages and how you can use it to learn a language. Let’s get to it! When you’re learning a language, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a real conversation. With Babbel, it’s easy to learn the language and start speaking from the start. We’ve even done a survey with our customers, and 73% of them had the impression that they could have a short conversation after using the app for just five hours.

Lots of people have also completed Babbel challenges to test how much they can learn after just a few hours or a few weeks of studying a language. The Babbel app is structured around conversations that are useful for everyday life. It introduces grammar and vocabulary in contexts that you’ll encounter in the real world so that you can practise it straight away. And you can choose and learn about topics that interest you, like travel, culture and food. We have a team of 100 language experts who design the learning content and tailor it for many combinations of languages. Because if you’re a French speaker, you’ll learn Italian differently compared to an English speaker. We focus on the four ways of communicating: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

What is Babbel?

Babbel is a language learning app. Available on web, iOS, or Android, there are 14 learning languages and 7 display languages to choose from. The lesson topics are ones that you can use in everyday life, like introducing yourself, ordering at a restaurant or organising a trip. And the bite-sized lessons easily fit into the busiest of schedules. It’s also the most effective language learning app, based on a study by researchers at the City University of New York (CUNY) and the University of South Carolina. Just 15 hours of learning a language with Babbel gets you as far as one semester of college Spanish. Put simply, it works. There are no ads in the Babbel app. Instead, there’s a straightforward subscription, which makes you both a learner and a customer. Babbel is all about giving you what you need to speak your new language.

Who is Babbel designed for?

There’s no typical profile for a Babbel user – anyone at any age can learn a language. In 2016 our user survey found that on average more than 30% of Babbel users around the world are between 55 and 70 years old. You might just be interested in learning a new language to impress your (new) foreign family or to get to know another culture. Or maybe you’re getting ready to go on the trip of a lifetime. You could also be looking for a way to stay mentally fit, review the French you learned in school or advance your career. Whatever you’re looking for, Babbel is there. And for the long term; the average Babbel user learns for longer than a year.

How does Babbel work?

Babbel’s approach is to focus on everyday conversations that help you to learn new vocabulary within context. You get the skills that are useful from the very start, letting you dive into a new language like a native speaker. In fact, all our conversation dialogues are voiced by native speakers, so we help you sound like one too. Instead of learning abstract phrases or vocabulary like with other apps, you learn useful, real-world dialogues, starting with typical greetings (“Hi, how are you?”) and advancing to practical situations (“When is the next train to Rome?”). This is what you can do to start using Babbel:

  • Want to finally learn German? Go for it!

  • Not sure where to start? Take a free placement test to find out.

  • Give it a go with a language lesson. You can try the first one for free.

  • Get access to all the courses in your language by upgrading to a paid subscription.

Babbel App Review

Babbel Review Recap

The Babbel app is the most effective way to learn a new language like French or Italian. The courses are designed by language experts who tailor them specifically for your native language with practical, real-life lesson topics to get you speaking your new language straight away.