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Are you studying languages, in need of certain skills for a specific course or getting ready for a semester abroad? Babbel offers engaging courses in 14 languages. Easily expand your skills and have conversations in your new language with Babbel's intuitive and interactive lessons. After just a few weeks, you'll already see yourself making progress. Whether you're on a trip, on public transport, in the library or even in a less than thrilling lecture: Whenever you have a bit of time, you can just pop into the Babbel App and practise a few helpful words and phrases.

Language courses for students

During Covid, many schools and universities, and often libraries, had to close — a problem for anyone studying languages. Babbel can help you keep studying in such times so that you don't lose your learning rhythm. You can use the time at home to learn languages like Spanish, Italian, French, German, Turkish, or Dutch, even when all the normal courses are cancelled. Babbel is particularly useful to help prepare for studying languages abroad. And the app is a great option when applying for language courses abroad that require knowledge of the language. You can use it to learn the basics on your own before your course. And whatever you're learning in person you can complement with the short virtual lessons that you can easily work through, for example in the evening before going to bed. In addition, all the lessons use different media types to help you practise not only reading, but also writing, speaking and listening, even offline.

Are you a student? Ready for the semester abroad

Many students don't have any experience with everyday language until they're in their semester abroad. That can often be quite different from what's learned in school or university. Babbel, on the other hand, offers courses designed by native speakers, often using their own regional accents and dialects. If you're going to Mexico, for example, you can use the app to learn the finer points of regional Spanish pronunciation and playfully learn about slang words and accents. That makes it much easier for everyday life and lets you assimilate into the culture more quickly. It also promotes acceptance from those around you, letting you look forward to an unforgettable time in a new country. What makes Babbel so special for students is that the courses are built from a combination of learning-focused and everyday language. Around 150 experts are consistently optimising the lessons, currently covering 14 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish and Indonesian. The courses are designed to fit perfectly into today's world: They're short and interactive so that they can be integrated into everyday life. Practical, applicable knowledge is particularly important. You'll know how to order food and ask for directions to the lecture hall at university after just a short time. As you can download the units, it's also possible to complete your lessons offline on your smartphone. If you want, you can study a particular language on a secluded beach or in front of other impressive natural scenery.

How students benefit from Babbel

  • Babbel is completely ad-free. Guaranteed!

  • One Babbel lesson takes just 15 minutes on average.

  • The Babbel App is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Find topics to study that will really help you in your everyday life.

  • Our subscription model is transparent, and the first lesson in every course is free.

Frequently asked questions

"Which languages can I learn with Babbel?"

Babbel offers high-quality courses in 14 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Russian.

"How long do students need to learn Spanish with Babbel?"

The City University of New York in cooperation with the University of South Carolina conducted a study on learning Spanish with Babbel. They found that, after 15 hours with the app, most participants had the same level of Spanish as after a semester of studying Spanish. The more intensively you use the app, the quicker you make progress. We recommend, of course, putting your newly gained knowledge to use in everyday life as often as possible.

"Do students get a certificate after completing a course successfully?"

Yes, for every completed course you'll get a certificate from Babbel, which you can save and print with just a few clicks. It includes the course contents and the level of the lessons you've finished. Universities and authorities don't recognise the certificates, but they can help boost your motivation.

"How effective is Babbel really?"

Babbel's effectiveness has been proven in studies by two US universities. The result of the studies showed that, after 15 hours with the app, students reached the same level of Spanish as students after one semester-long course. Over 150 language experts have intricately designed all Babbel courses to ensure the best results for our learners. You can find more information about the Babbel app's proven effectiveness here.

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