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Communication keeps the world of friendships, relationships, government and business turning. Being proficient in another language opens doors in today's interconnected world. It gives you the edge when applying for jobs and gives you an advantage when living and working within the global economy. Start developing this world of communication with Babbel. Courses are available in 14 different languages. Let us help you to expand your horizon, and to develop skills that transfer into every area of your life.

Prepare for your exchange semester abroad

Fluency in two or more languages is one of the top skills demanded by employers. Having a language or two on your CV sets you apart from candidates who only speak their native language. Employers want personnel who can communicate fluently with foreign colleagues, customers and suppliers and if your career takes you into service industries, the ability to speak with foreign-born populations is always going to give you an edge. A second language won't only help you land a dream career, it will probably deliver a better salary! Who doesn't love to travel? Today, the world is on our doorstep and we can all explore new places and cultures. But, without the language, it's hard to get beyond the tourist trail. When you take an Italian, Spanish or English immersion programme with Babbel you'll have more appreciation of the customs, traditions and history of other countries as well as more enjoyment of their cuisine and entertainment. Study another language with Babbel student courses and you'll also deepen positive attitudes to the culture surrounding that language.

Increase your confidence, word by word

Learning a new language is a process. A process where you'll sometimes make mistakes or feel self-conscious, especially when speaking it for the first time. This will take you out of your comfort zone which is good. It will give you a real sense of accomplishment when you push yourself and make progress. This boost to your confidence spills over into other areas of your life. When you first start speaking a new language, you have to stop and think before formulating a sentence. This gives you a moment to make a clear-headed response, helping develop your reasoning and critical-thinking skills. What other transferable skills do Babbel language courses develop? Improved memory, concentration, cognitive and listening skills as well as enhanced problem-solving, flexibility and creativity.

Research shows that a learner's first language impacts on the way a second language is learnt. Babbel courses take this into account. Whether you're learning Spanish as an English or Italian native speaker, the course content is adapted to this. Interactive multimedia lessons develop your listening, reading and writing skills while speech recognition ensures your pronunciation is spot on! Babbel's language courses for students let you work at your own pace. Once you subscribed, your personal dashboard stores your progress in the cloud. You can go back and practise a session as often as you like. Everything is fully integrated across web, iOS and Android applications, syncing seamlessly with all of your devices. If you know you're going to be travelling and won't have connectivity for a while, you can even download courses to work on offline. You really can learn whenever you want and wherever you are!

With Babbel, students benefit from

  • interactive learning experiences in 14 different languages

  • transferrable language skills to advance on the job market

  • an app which is fully integrated on iOS, Android and desktop

  • language courses, taking into account the learner's mother tongue

A natural extension of the classroom

Babbel is a leader in web and mobile language learning, giving access to 14 target languages. Access that works seamlessly across all devices, letting you make the most of every language-learning moment. The Babbel app is designed by more than 150 in-house experts. Together, their skills and best practice tips create interactive programs for all ages. Whether you're looking for free courses for college students or planning the trip of a lifetime, Babbel immerses you in a new language. Babbel delivers bite-sized lessons that fit into everyday life. Study for a couple of hours without distraction at home or grab a few minutes when travelling to brush up on some grammar or learn a few new words. Learning with Babbel is totally flexible and quickly introduces you to new concepts from the basics of saying hi to making travel arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why should students choose Babbel?"

Babbel is created by professionals with content that is relevant to you, your lifestyle and your native language. It's fully interactive and offers programs to dip into or immerse yourself in. Babbel is ad-free and uses a subscription-based model (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). The first lesson of every course is free and if you choose to stop your subscription you can still access completed work on your dashboard.

"Which languages should students learn?"

With 14 learning languages from Spanish to Russian and German to Swedish, you have plenty to choose from. The choice of language depends mainly on two factors. Which language would you enjoy learning and which will challenge and motivate you? And, which language would be useful for your wider studies or career prospects?

"Can I use Babbel on multiple devices?"

Yes! Babbel is fully synced across desktop and mobile devices. Download the Babbel app and expand your vocabulary in bite-sized 15 minute-lessons.

"How do I access Babbel courses on a mobile device?"

Download the Babbel app from the App Store or Google Play. Tap on 'log in'. Enter your email address and password (or register to start your subscription). Your dashboard will appear and you're ready to start learning.

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