How Babbel works

Tailored to you & crafted by experts.

Babbel is your key to learning a new language effectively. Whether you’re returning to a language you’ve learnt before and need to jog your memory, or starting from scratch – Babbel’s unique ecosystem has the right learning activities for you.

How Babbel Works

Babbel is designed to get you speaking quickly by making learning fun, interesting, and relevant to your specific needs. Over 150 language learning experts tailor each course to your native language and your learning level, sourcing original content from native speakers to ensure you have an authentic and enjoyable experience from day one.

How can I learn with Babbel?

Reach your learning goals quickly, easily, online and fuss-free: The proven Babbel method features short, flexible lessons, tailored to your skill level, as well as a variety of fun activities, live classes, podcasts and more that you can easily fit into your daily routine. You’ll quickly form a habit that leads to learning success.

Master that complex grammar and vocabulary effortlessly: You’ll be introduced to grammar tips and vocab reviews at exactly the right time and in context, so you can further strengthen your understanding of the language and easily retain what you’ve learnt.

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How do I get started?

1. Set up your account

To kickstart your learning journey, simply go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for “Babbel” and download the app onto your smartphone. You’ll be prompted to set up an account with your email address, which you will use to log into your account in the future.

How to setup up your Babbel account

2. Select a language to learn

Would you like to learn Spanish, German, French or another language? Choose from our 14 available languages. If you change your mind later on, you can easily switch to a different language.

Babbel learning language selection

3. Find your learning level

Don’t worry about knowing your current language level and where to start. A quick placement test will make sure you are suggested learning content that suits your current skill level.

Find your learning level on Babbel

4. Set a weekly goal

Think about how many lessons you’d like to complete per week, then set them as your weekly goal. You'll quickly find your rhythm and get into the groove of working towards it a little every day. You can easily scale your weekly goal up or down, depending on how busy you are.

How to set a weekly goal on Babbel

5. Enable speech recognition

Feel prepared for real-life conversations with Babbel’s speech recognition software. You’ll be asked to enable the microphone on your device – switch it on to best practise your speaking skills and get real-time feedback on your pronunciation.

How to enable speech recognition on Babbel App

Got 15 minutes? Learn a new language!

All it takes is 15 minutes a day: Make quick progress on your language learning journey, whether you’re exercising, on your commute or cooking dinner – our variety of bite-sized and flexible learning activities ensure that there’s a Babbel experience that fits your routine. If you need a little help remembering to practise, you can easily set up learning reminders in your app that will trigger a notification to your phone.

How to set a daily reminder on Babbel App

Build your language skills

Getting equipped: Learn through different learning modes that teach you all the intricacies of language and help you develop the skills you need to communicate in your new language.

  • Listening: Practise your listening comprehension by matching what you hear to the words you see on screen.

  • Speaking: Gain confidence in your pronunciation by speaking into the speech recognition tool and receiving instant feedback.

  • Writing: Improve your spelling by typing out words in context and receiving instant feedback.

  • Grammar: Learn complex grammar in an intuitive way to strengthen your understanding of the language.

Which language skills does Babbel improve?

Repeat until it becomes second nature

No more flash cards or endless lists of vocab: The Review section reminds you of the words you need to repeat at exactly the right time until they make their way into your long-term memory.

Review vocabulary on Babbel App

Celebrate your success with a certificate

Reaching a new level is a huge step on your language learning journey, so it should be celebrated accordingly! Anytime you complete a level, you’ll receive an official Babbel certificate, which you can use as proof of your language skills (based on the Common European Framework or Reference for Languages – CEFR.)

Babbel Certificate

Babbel’s learning experience

Use Babbel across multiple devices

Learn on whichever device you prefer or easily switch between them: Your progress will always be synced across devices and saved to your unique account. So if you’d like to take a 15-minute lesson on your desktop before starting work and another one on your phone while you’re on your lunch break – no problem at all!

What is the Babbel App?

Learn on the go, whenever it suits you: You can download the Babbel App onto your smartphone or tablet and access language lessons, podcasts and more – anytime, anywhere, even offline.

Can I use Babbel on a laptop or desktop?

Yes! Simply type “” into your preferred browser and sign up or log into your existing account to use the web-based version of Babbel.

using Babbel on desktop

Dive into Babbel’s variety of immersive learning experiences

What is Babbel Live?

Babbel Live is our platform for live, online language classes. With Babbel Live, you are in the capable hands of our certified, friendly, native-speaking language teachers. Benefit from their support in a safe environment and choose from hundreds of classes per week to easily fit language learning into your schedule.

What is Babbel Live

What are Babbel Podcasts?

Babbel Podcasts are full-immersion cultural experiences with native speakers, teaching different languages at various levels. They are available via Spotify, Apple Music, Spreaker and also in the Babbel app!

what is Babbel podcast

Babbel subscription bundles

Whatever your learning motivation might be, Babbel has the ideal subscription plan for you, so you can easily fit language learning into your routine and start working towards your goals.

  • 3-month subscription: Ideal if you're just getting started and want to find your learning rhythm.

  • 6-month subscription: Best if you're a language enthusiast and have a rough learning goal in mind.

  • 12-month subscription: Great if you're a real language aficionado and a studious learner.

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Babbel means more...

The Babbel learning kit

Your personal language learning kit, equipped with a variety of activities that keep you engaged and motivated on your learning journey.

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Why Babbel Works?

Independent researchers have found that the Babbel app is an effective and efficient way to learn a new language.

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Babbel Games

Mix up your language learning routine and have fun doing it with Babbel games: Practise your vocab and grammar playfully in between your lessons.

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