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As the financial crisis continues to affect the major European economies, a significant number of workers are considering emigration as a way to improve their future career prospects. Settling into a new country is undoubtedly a big challenge.

This is particularly true if you don't speak the language of the country in question. Would you like to learn Turkish in order to improve your employment chances but are still undecided? Read on to find out why learning the Turkish language is a good idea.

Why learn Turkish: The benefits of learning a foreign language

Mastering the Turkish language can be useful if you have plans to relocate to Turkey. The Turkish economy was the fastest growing in the world towards the end of 2011, and jobs in tourism and banking are not hard to come by.

Learning Turkish can also be useful during your Turkish holidays. The locals are often impressed by foreigners who can (or attempt) to communicate in their language, and that could help you get local prices. Speaking the Turkish language can also help make your holiday more memorable and rich as you are likely to make new friends and understand the local culture better.

Even if you do decide to stay in your home country, learning another language can be beneficial. Workers who add a second language to their CV are seen as more marketable as they bring new assets into a company.

Lastly, there are more than 500,000 Turkish speakers in the UK, so learning Turkish can help you expand your social networks and perhaps result in unexpected job offers.

Effective ways of learning Turkish: Pros and cons of each method

The most popular ways of learning Turkish are taking a language course and learning independently. The traditional method of attending a language school has some clear advantages: courses are structured in a way that can help you make steady progress and doubts can be solved immediately by the teacher. However, travelling to and from your language school can be inconvenient, and class schedules might not always suit your requirements.

In recent years there has been a surge in the number of people who learn a language independently, whether it is through online programs or via mobile applications. The advantages include flexibility in terms of schedules, access to a personal tutor, and the fact that online methods are almost always one-to-one, so you can learn the Turkish language at your own pace and with all the support you need.

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