Turkish phrases and common sentences

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Why should you study common sentences in Turkish?

  • Turkish has 75 million native speakers around the world.
  • The Turkish Language Association was established in 1932.
  • Many turkish phrases were influenced by the languages of Farsi, Arabic, and French.
  • Begin studying Turkish phrases with Babbel

Speak Turkish with confidence, one word at a time

75 million native speakers Around 75 million people speak Turkish, and it lies in the world's Top 15 of most commonly spoken languages. You will find Turkish speakers not just in Turkey itself, but in the Balkans, across Western Europe (especially in Germany) and in the Causcaus.

Unlock economic opportunities When you begin to learn Turkish, you will also springboard to learning other languages such as Kazakh, Tatar and Uzbek. Sound exotic and unusual? Not for long. This part of the world is experiencing rapid change, with a young population, boom economy and changing socio-politics. If you want to be part of a region which is growing in global prominence, language skills can give your CV that necessary boost!

Discover Turkish culture Turkey may be resolutely forward-looking, young and vibrant, but a knowledge of the language is also extremely valuable for students of archaeology, history, art, anthropology and politics. Turkey is an ancient seat of culture and has connected the East and West for centuries. To get a real insight into the beautiful artefacts and fascinating history of this part of the world, it really helps to learn the language.

Become part of a global community Turkey is a hugely popular holiday destination for Brits, and Turkish people are known for their hospitality and wonderful food! You will find it easy to make friends over traditional Turkish coffee when knowing useful expressions for everyday life. Show respect and friendship and learn the language - it will greatly enrich your travel experience.

Introducing Babbel

Bite-sized Turkish lessons Traditional language lessons tended to involve poring over pages of grammar and vocabulary! But with Babbel you will start speaking your first Turkish phrases from the very first bite-sized lesson. Each lesson is short and designed to be engaging, interesting and built around real-world situations so that you can operate confidently and begin to talk to local people with ease and confidence.

Effectiveness scientifically proven Babbel's methodology has been devised by 150 expert language teachers and it combines the most effective tuition methods with a high-tech delivery method for the best of all worlds. Set up your push notifications to remind you to take a daily class and you will see rapid progress which you can measure in your own dashboard. Take interactive and dynamic review sessions to consolidate your learning and to embed your new vocabulary as you learn to speak, write, listen and read Turkish with confidence.

Features of the app

  • Local accents and dialects for authenticity and to help you speak Turkish phrases like a native.
  • Bite-sized lessons created around your interests and goals - with real-world situations that contextualise your learning and bring it to life.
  • Voice recognition software that analyses your pronunciation and corrects it, so that you have total confidence in what you are learning to say.
  • A global Babbel community, with rich media content, social feeds, a magazine and other benefits to enjoy when you join millions of other global language students.

Gain real-life conversation skills with Turkish phrases

Whether you just want to learn a few phrases or to speak Turkish like a native, Babbel will help you to achieve your goals quickly and effectively. You c an also enjoy your first lesson for free. Simply download the app, create an account and see if you like it. You can then upgrade and continue your lessons immediately when you are ready to subscribe. Why delay? Take your interests further and become a global citizen when you begin to learn a new language with Babbel.