The most important German, Spanish and French business vocabulary

It's really important to learn business vocabulary in other languages if you want to work or do business abroad. For example, you can learn German, Spanish and French phrases and key words that allow you to meet new business contacts, show that you are learning about their culture and be respectful. Even being able to greet someone and introduce yourself in their language is a great way to build rapport.

Road to success with business vocabulary

  • Learn how to introduce yourself and greet another person in their language.
  • Basic phrases show respect and an effort to learn about your colleagues' cultures
  • Good business relies on relationships and good communication – some language skills are a great way to build rapport
  • A growing understanding of business language can also open up new career opportunities!

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Top 12 German business vocabulary

German is widely spoken in the European business world and it's useful to know, especially if you are building an international career. Here are some business German vocabulary examples that will come in handy as you build a core understanding.

German business vocabulary English business vocabulary
die Teamleitung The team lead
das Büro The office
der Vorstand The board of directors
die Kommunikation The communication
die Personalabteilung human resources
der/die Kolleg:innen The colleagues
der Anhang The attachment
das Projekt The project
die Konferenz The conference
die Vorbereitung preparation
der Lebenslauf resumé / CV
das At-Zeichen “at” sign (@)

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Top 10 Spanish business vocabulary

These are great examples of Spanish phrases that will be useful in a work situation.

Spanish business vocabulary English business vocabulary
¿Cuando nos podemos reunir? When can we meet?
Estoy trabajando a tope I’m working hard
Usted necesita reunirse con John (formal) You need to meet with John
Necesito hablar con mi socio de negocios I need to talk to my business partner.
¿Cómo acepta el pago? How can I pay?
¿Tienes una tarjeta de visita? Do you have a business card?
Tengo una reunión con Maria I have a meeting with Maria
¿Ha encontrado un inversor? Have you found an investor?
¿Tenemos un acuerdo? Do we have an agreement?
Envíame una propuesta Send me a proposal

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Top business French vocabulary

These are examples of business French vocabulary that are common and more informal business expressions that you would hear in a real-world business environment:

  • Se tenir au courant: This means "to keep each other in the loop" and is a useful phrase for staying in touch with your colleagues or business partners.
  • Je vous recontacterai!: This means "I'll get back to you!" and is commonly used in meetings.

Other good business French vocabulary to know includes:

French business vocabulary English business vocabulary
Le voyage d‘affaires The business trip
L’acheteur The buyer
Le bénéfice The profit
La réunion The meeting
Le chiffre d’affaire Sales/turnover
Le concurrent The competitor

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