What Can Podcasts Teach Us?

The podcast hype: 50% of Brits listen to them, and they are also useful for learning languages. Read Babbel's tips on podcasts and their benefits.

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In the UK and around the world, podcasts are on the rise: In 2021, there were approximately 14.6 million podcast listeners (+ 19.7% from 2020) who continue to listen and appreciate the exciting combination of education and entertainment every day.

Language learning podcasts

Babbel's podcasts can also help you learn foreign languages: This infographic gives you all the facts about podcasts, as well as some tips and the benefits of listening with intent and curiosity.

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What Podcast means

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The more you listen, the more you'll pick up and understand.

What Podcast means
Gianluca Pedrotti, Senior Editor and podcasting expert at Babbel, explains how this format can be a valuable tool for language learning.

Developing listening comprehension is fundamental when learning a new language and podcasts are an excellent and fun tool to practise that skill. By listening to a conversation repeatedly you'll quickly achieve a better understanding of what is being said. It might seem incomprehensible at first, but the more you listen, the more you'll pick up and understand.