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Not everyone in the world speaks English. The Portuguese language is the eighth most spoken language in the world. It makes sense to learn Portuguese because after English and Spanish, it is the third most spoken European language in the world. Many words in Portuguese are shared with the five Romance languages, which are languages that originate from Latin. It is not that difficult to learn Portuguese. In fact, you know some words from the Portuguese language already, such as flamingo and cobra. The Portuguese language originated in Europe but most of the world's Portuguese speaking people live in South America.

Why learn Portuguese with Babbel?

You might think that learning Portuguese is only useful if you're planning a Portugal, but you'd be wrong. In fact, fewer than 10% of the language's 230 million native speakers live in Portugal! Instead, you'll find them in Brazil in South America, Angola and Mozambique in Africa, East Timor in Asia and even Macau in China, to name just a few. It's clear then, that learning basic Portuguese can take you far! Sure, it's useful for lazy summer holidays lying on the beach in the Algarve or ordering a Francesinha sandwich and a pastel de nata on a weekend city break in Porto. But it could also come in handy on a business trip to China, following the football in Brazil, backpacking in south east Asia or working in central Africa. If that's not enough to convince you, learning a new language, especially one that is so widely spoken, is a great way to make new friends and grow your professional network. After all, your colleague visiting from the Rio de Janeiro office couldn't fail to be impressed when you address her in her native language. Outside of personal and professional gain, learning a new language is simply a fun thing to do! It helps while away the hours on the long commute to work, keeps your brain active and can even help keep you mentally healthy for longer. Sounds like a great investment of your time to us.

So, now you're sold on learning some basic Portuguese, you just need to choose who you're going to pick as your learning provider. You could opt for in-person instruction, but unless you have a lot of time to fit classes in around your busy schedule, your progress is likely to be slow. When it comes to on-the-go learning that fits in with your lifestyle, Babbel is the obvious choice. So, is Babbel free? No, it's not. Free language learning apps mean annoying adverts that don't help you learn. These ads aren't just an irritant, they actually hinder your progress by distracting your attention when you should be focused on retaining the information you've learnt. Here at Babbel, we believe you should have a seamless learning experience, with no distractions. Our courses are painstakingly designed by real language experts and tailored to your needs — an algorithm could never teach you as well as real, passionate tutors can. Plus, we won't sell your data; your secrets are safe with us! Babbel's courses are extremely affordable, but if you still need convincing how about this: your first lesson is on us. We're so sure that Babbel is the best choice, that we offer you the first lesson of every course completely free charge. That way, you can get to grips with our interface and see what a completely personalised learning experience is like. As we offer a range of courses as you progress and you skills improve, you could enjoy upwards of 30 free lessons! If that's not a good enough reason to learn Portuguese with Babbel, we don't know what is.

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What if you could learn Portuguese at a reasonable cost and in a completely different way?Through Babbel, new vocabulary is retained faster and more effortlessly. The app provides a complete and easy way to speak the Portuguese language, regardless of your initial knowledge. You can practise your pronunciation on any of your multimedia devices that have a microphone and flash player, and you can even practice your new Portuguese language skills in our interactive community. Why shouldn’t learning to speak the Portuguese language be fun and stress-free, without costing an exorbitant upfront fee? In an ad-free environment, Babbel offers both a convenient and exciting new way to learn Portuguese.

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