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Speak Brazilian-Portuguese with confidence

Learning Portuguese is much more than just another thing you can strike off your bucket list. There are many practical reasons you would want to improve your skills; and no, it is not just about romance. Portuguese is an appealing language to many Europeans. In fact, it trails closely behind English as the most desirable language to learn. There are over 250 million people across the world who speak Portuguese. Not only that, but Portuguese is a dynamic language that continues to actively evolve.

Learn the world language Portuguese

Portuguese is unlike other languages, as its appeal extends beyond it’s country of origin. Amazingly, only 5% of all Portuguese speakers live in Portugal making it a truly worldwide language. For example, if you are thinking of travelling to Africa, you can make your life easier with the locals by learning a few words and phrases in Portuguese beforehand. Actually, you can make that more than a few as there are over 1 million speakers in Mozambique alone. If you think that is impressive, 20% of the Angolan population speak fluent Portuguese. There are many other parts of the world that have their own version of Portuguese.

The first that comes to mind is Brazil, but you will also find such in North-Western Spain where Gacilian is spoken. If you are thinking of moving to Portugal or any country where this language is spoken, knowing a few words comes in handy. If you familiarise yourself with the language first, it'll make interacting with potential clients, coworkers and neighbours much easier. Portuguese businesses are always on the lookout for new talent, and it is ranked fourth as the safest country in the world. Learning a language on your own can seem like a challenge, however with the Babbel app, language learning is fun, easy and effective.

Why language learning often seems difficult

When learning a language, the most common mistake people make is being afraid to jump right in. Studies show that you're more likely to become fluent if you learn by doing. Babbel uses this concept and teaches you what you need to know and what you can apply in everyday interaction. When you study Portuguese with Babbel, you get to hear the lessons from native speakers. This is especially helpful for your pronunciation skills, and will enable you to speak more eloquently when on your travels. One of the most attractive features of Babbel is that it offers the flexibility necessary in modern day life. When using the Babbel app you can learn anytime, anywhere and can always pick up or restart lessons that get interrupted.

Features of Babbel

  • Voice recognition technology

  • All Portuguese courses are available offline

  • Lessons voiced by native Portuguese speakers

In language learning, a little goes a long way

Learning Portuguese has a plethora of advantages. It is a language of romance that is used by more than a quarter of a million people worldwide. Thanks to the use of the Latin alphabet and many grammatical similarities, native English speakers should be able to easily wrap their heads around it. Babbel helps you to get the most out of the Portuguese language and courses are available for any level you are. Using a combination of speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises the Babbel app is designed to get you fluent Portuguese and can be used anytime, anywhere.

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