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Not everyone in the world speaks English. The Portuguese language is the eighth most spoken language in the world. It makes sense to learn Portuguese because after English and Spanish, it is the third most spoken European language in the world. Many words in Portuguese are shared with the five Romance languages, which are languages that originate from Latin. It is not that difficult to learn Portuguese. In fact, you know some words from the Portuguese language already, such as flamingo and cobra. The Portuguese language originated in Europe but most of the world's Portuguese speaking people live in South America.

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What if you could learn Portuguese at a reasonable cost and in a completely different way?Through Babbel, new vocabulary is retained faster and more effortlessly. The app provides a complete and easy way to speak the Portuguese language, regardless of your initial knowledge. You can practise your pronunciation on any of your multimedia devices that have a microphone and flash player, and you can even practice your new Portuguese language skills in our interactive community. Why shouldn’t learning to speak the Portuguese language be fun and stress-free, without costing an exorbitant upfront fee? In an ad-free environment, Babbel offers both a convenient and exciting new way to learn Portuguese.

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