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Why should you learn Italian?

  • Italian is known as the language of art and culture.
  • Learners can converse with 85 million Italian speakers worldwide.
  • Tailored Italian courses can be accessed flexibly with the Babbel app.
  • Mastering Italian significantly increases the employability of its learners.
  • Learn Italian

Communicate confidently with 85 million people

The Italian language is considered to be one of the most melodic languages in the world. When you listen to Italians speak, it is almost as if they are singing. No wonder their nation gave birth to such masters of opera.

Spoken by 85 million people If you are considering learning a second language and you still haven’t mastered Italian, it would probably be your best choice. The Italian language is not only spoken by over 85 million people in the world; it also has a rich history and sounds beautiful.

The language of culture It is the language of the most famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet, and the native tongue of some of the most famous painters, writers and musicians of all time. Of course, this is not enough to devote much of your free time to learning Italian.

Employability With so many children in European schools choosing to learn the Italian language, it is definitely an asset worth having. It is not as universal as English, but it can help you meet and communicate with many people across Europe. Also, employers love having multilingual employees. Adding the Italian language to your set of skills will help you rank better while searching for jobs.

Learning Italian with an App

The good thing about learning Italian or any other language in the Internet era is that you don’t have to go to language schools. You can learn Italian in the comfort of your home, or anywhere else (while traveling, waiting in waiting rooms etc.) by using your mobile devices.

There are many courses and applications for language learning online that can provide you with any kind of learning activity you want. Babbel is an excellent example of an online language learning website that comes highly recommended by its more than 13,000,000 users worldwide. Its many advantages over other language learning centres (on/offline) are amazing flexibility, an entertaining approach to language learning and a very affordable price.

Get conversational in Italian fast

If you want to learn Italian, you’d most likely get past the beginner’s course if learning is fun and doesn’t feel like wasting time. Babbel is great in that sense, because we combine many user-friendly techniques that incorporate video and audio exercises for reading, writing and pronunciation. It makes learning Italian feel like entertainment. Another great aspect of this modern-day application is the Babbel Board.

  • Absolutely no adverts, ever
  • Spanish lessons built around real-world situations
  • Voice recognition technology to perfect your pronunciation
  • Individual progress dashboard to identify areas of development

It’s a feature that helps you connect with other Babbel users across the globe and share experiences of learning Italian with them. You can compare what you know and practice conversation. Also, the fact that Babbel incorporates an ad-free interface is certainly a plus for people who can’t seem to get away from annoying advertisements. Learning Italian has never been this easy before and it allows you to work at a tempo you are comfortable with.

Choose your favorite from our Italian courses

Newcomer An easy introduction to Italian: basic vocab, grammar, and pronunciation.

Beginner I Learn the most important expressions for everyday life and the basics of Italian grammar and pronunciation.

Beginner II Discover more words and expressions for many different life situations.

Pre-intermediate Consolidate what you've learnt and start expressing yourself in a more nuanced way.

Independent Continue reinforcing your skills: practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing at an independent level.

Refresher Ideal for anyone who studied Italian a long time ago or wants to test their knowledge.

Grammar Grammar practice in easy, understandable steps. Drills and exercises with clear and concrete examples.

Listening and Speaking Here you'll find courses which will help you focus on your listening and speaking skills.

Countries and Traditions In these courses, you won't just learn the language, but also gain useful knowledge about Italy.