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You may think that the Indonesian language is perhaps not the most useful language at the international level, but there are about 250 million people in the world who speak the language. The language is especially useful for those travelling to Southeast Asia, making it easier to relate to and communicate with the local people in Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia and Brunei. Not as many people are interested in learning Indonesian as other languages, such as French or Spanish, because people think that the language is of limited use. However, with Indonesia now gaining international attention due to its improved economic growth, learning Indonesian becomes all the more necessary to explore business and trade possibilities in this country. The language draws heavily on several languages, such as Arabic, Sanskrit, Javanese and Chinese. The spellings of the language are phonetic as well. Asia is emerging as an economic power of the future and learning Indonesian is a must for those seeking to be part of this future economic growth. Colleges in the United States and Australia already offer Indonesian language courses as a part of their regular curriculum.

Reasons to learn Indonesian

  • Learn a new language just for the fun of it

  • Communicate and relate to local residents

  • Gain academic expertise in a chosen language

  • Understand regional perspectives and problems

  • Enjoy the regional literature in its original language

  • Explore employment or business options in a specific region

Travellers, students, businessmen, media persons, journalists, history, literature, culture and creative art enthusiasts, NGOs and social workers, basically anyone looking to travel to, reside or work in Indonesia should ideally learn Indonesian, depending on the level of expertise needed for their visit.

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Indonesian draws heavily on several languages such as Sanskrit and Arabic, while also being based on Persian, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch and Javanese. The spellings are phonetic and so learning pronunciation can be achieved quickly, which is an important factor in learning Indonesian. Audio-visual methods are bound to pay off faster. Videos with subtitles help learners to learn the language better. Books are a must to get familiar with the written format of the language, and listening to spoken language is certainly helpful when it comes to daily interactions. While vocabulary references and flashcards improve the learning experience, signing up for regular courses is the usual process for serious learning.

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With several online learning options available, learning Indonesian can be fun, especially with the multimedia courses of Babbel. The lessons are well-supported by graphics, as well as the reading and pronunciation exercises that enable you to quickly grasp, in a relaxed way, the basics and more advanced nuances of the Indonesian language. Lessons are available at the Babbel website or in the form of mobile apps, making the learning process quite enjoyable and flexible. Moreover, language skills can be practiced with other users in the Babbel Community. The Review Manager allows you to refresh the past lessons, practicing all the vocabulary you have already studied to secure it in your memory. Besides the grammar lessons, the courses are divided into different categories; food and drinks, animals, numbers and colours, and much more. Give the first lesson a go and discover our Indonesian course.

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