How to speak Indonesian like a native

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Why should you learn how to speak Indonesian?

  • In 1945, Standard Indonesian became the official language.
  • Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of the country Indonesia.
  • It is estimated that there are over 700 living languages spoken in the country.
  • Indonesia is derived from the Latin word Indus and the Greek word nesos, signifying ‘Indian island’.
  • Learn how to speak Indonesian

Learn to speak Indonesian in a fast and effective way

Heightened cognitive abilities There are many cognitive benefits to learning Indonesian, including memory recall and brain growth. In fact, the discipline required to learn a new language often means that it is easy to learn more!

Comparatively easy to acquire If you're keen to challenge yourself to learn a language that few other British people speak, Indonesian is a great choice. But it's also relatively easy to learn - especially compared to Japanese, Thai and Chinese. That's because Indonesian doesn't have tones or tenses and it also uses the Roman alphabet.

New friends and acquaintances There are 250 Indonesian speakers in the world - in fact, it's the fourth most populated country on earth. The locals love to meet foreign visitors who even know the basics of how to speak Indonesian. A few key words, a greeting and farewell and the basics of ordering your favourite Ayam Bakar Taliwang with a round of Cha Yen ice tea will take you far! And the country is so beautiful that you will be able to explore it with far more ease and confidence with your new abilities.

But how will you learn Indonesian when it can be difficult to find local lessons at home? Online content is available but the content quality is never guaranteed and it tends to be packed with advertising. Conversational partners are great if you are both quite advanced and both available at the same time. The same applies to Indonesian newspapers and other publications, as these are better for more advanced learners.

Real-world languages courses, tailored to the needs of the learner

Babbel is an award-winning language programme which has helped millions of learners to get to grips with another language - or even more. It has been created by over 150 in-house language experts and combines the best academic teaching methodologies with cutting-edge digital technologies.

For example, in your first lesson you will listen to native Indonesian speakers with real accents for authenticity. The real-world content will flex around your needs and interests and you will be encouraged to say your first Indonesian words and phrases yourself, using the integrated voice-recognition technology which tells you whether or not you are on the right track.

With just 15 minutes of practice a day using your phone - whenever and wherever you want to learn - you'll be speaking Indonesian in no time. In fact, research shows that 15 hours of Babbel lessons are equivalent to an entire semester worth of language classes at University. So what are you waiting for!

Features of the app

  • No advertising, ever!
  • A seamless app which integrates with the rich media library of the website
  • Dynamic review sessions to assess progress and to focus on your development areas
  • A personalised review dashboard which allows you to see your progress at any time
  • Bite-sized interactive lessons built around your interests and real-world situations

Take your first steps today

Even better, when you learn Indonesian with Babbel, you join a huge global community of fellow language students who are also keen to become global citizens and to broaden their horizons in the process. This will really bring your study experience to life, as you learn more about Indonesian culture as well its language.

To try your first lesson for free, just download the Babbel app onto your phone and select your level. You can then begin learning immediately! If you like what you see, upgrade your membership in the app and you'll instantly gain access to the entire course, allowing you to progress at your own speed.