What are Babbel Games?

Mix up your language learning routine and have fun doing it with Babbel games: Practise your vocab playfully in between your lessons.

Can you learn a language by playing a game? It’s more effective than you think!

There is no doubt that learning a new language playfully will better help you memorise rules and new vocabulary. And let's face it: It's fun!
Playing games online is an instinctively light activity, which triggers the brain by stimulating the sense of challenge and competition. In fact, since childhood, different games have helped us process new information, learn rules and understand new mechanisms while maintaining a high level of focus, which would most likely decrease during a long-winded and dry explanation. And the same still rings true as adults, with the difference that the opportunities to learn playfully are reduced, with the focus typically lying on complex and in-depth learning methods.

Let's find out how Babbel integrates games into your language learning path.

Babbel Games intro

Babbel Games: The perfect extension of your learning routine

Babbel language learning experts firmly believe that mixing different learning activities helps students make faster progress while keeping a higher motivation. It’s like training, but for your brain and memory.
Another key element for success is having fun during the process: The more fun you have learning, the easier it will be to create a productive and consistent learning routine.

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Integrating games into the Babbel learning experience and ecosystem of learning activities was a natural development for the platform. They serve as a casual, fun and easy way to practise vocabulary, spelling and sentence structure that you previously learnt during your regular lessons.
It’s the perfect activity for a ride on a bus or a quick exercise before dinner, when there’s no time for a full lesson but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn more or solidify your knowledge.
Currently, Babbel offers two games: Word Trax and Phrase Maze, available for all language combinations. To unlock the Babbel Games you will need to take a few lessons first: This way, the games will be able to integrate your most recently learnt vocabulary and help you review and memorise it while having fun.

Improve your spelling with Babbel Games: Complete the Word Trax before the train comes!

Babbel Games Word Trax

Alert! Incoming train! Parts of the tracks are missing. As a train mechanic, you have to fix the railroad to prevent any accident.
Hurry to unscramble the word behind each gap before it's too late.

Word Trax

Correctly identify and spell the words you've learnt.


At least 4 words with at least 2 syllables in your "My Vocab" list – approx. 2 completed lessons.

Practise building phrases with Babbel Games: Complete the Phrase Maze and save your professor!

Babbel Games Phrase Maze

Your professor is held captive in a maze haunted by ghosts. Find the keys to free them and make the ghosts disappear by answering their riddles. Be careful though, you only get three mistakes until they find your professor before you do.

Phrase Maze

Correctly reorganise words to strengthen your capability to build sentences.


At least 9 sentences with each at least 3 words in your "My Vocab" list – approx. 5 completed lessons.

Playfully lock in that tricky vocab with Babbel Games!

Playing a game, however, still remains a valid and lighthearted way to learn a language at any age! Want to get started right away? Just open your app or browser, log into your Babbel account and visit the Practice tab. Game on!

Start playing now!

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