Danish phrases and common sentences

Denmark is considered one of the most progressive societies in the world and enjoys a thriving economy. Take the first steps to jump-starting your international career with these useful Danish phrases to help you get by. Did you know? Danish vowels can be pronounced in 17 different ways.


Become a global citizen with Danish

Even a few basic Danish sentences can go a long way. Danish can be tricky for English speakers, but with a little focus you can easily learn useful Danish phrases to greet local people, order food, find your way around and generally enjoy your travel in Denmark in a new and more authentic way. And when you speak Danish, you'll have a great head start if you ever decide to learn other Scandinavian languages such as Norwegian.

Make new friends
What better way is there to make new friends than to learn useful phrases and speak a little of their language. Because relatively few people learn Danish as a second language, local people are invariably pleased and ready to help someone who has made the effort and shown cultural awareness.

Work abroad
Denmark has a vibrant economy, and its society holds progressive and equality-driven ideals that are the envy of the world. With skills in Danish, you'll have that little extra on your CV – opening up a real world of new opportunities!

Learn with Babbel

Useful Danish phrases to help you get by?

  • Good morning/goodnight = God morgen/godnat

  • Hello, my name is = Hej, mit navn er

  • Please = Være så venlig

  • Thank you = Tak

  • How are you? = Hvordan har du det?

  • I'm sorry = Undskyld

Danish phrases and voice recognition

What you need to know about Danish phrases and common sentences? Danish can be tricky to pronounce as an English speaker when you're new to the language. Vowels can be pronounced in 17 different ways! That's why text-based courses or language books are less likely to be useful as you won't have feedback on your pronunciation. Conversational practice requires being able to talk with a Danish speaker, and in-person classes are inflexible for your schedule and don't let you learn at your own pace.

With Babbel, Danish learners can study on the go. Cutting-edge voice recognition allows for immediate feedback on both pronunciation and accent. This is a huge confidence boost and will encourage you to keep learning. And with fun, flexible and real-world content that helps you to navigate everyday situations in Denmark, learning is never a chore. The personalised dashboard shows you exactly where you are with your learning and dynamic review sessions test your progress and flag any focus areas. There's also a wealth of interactive media to explore to enrich your learning experience.

Features of Babbel

  • Audio examples and dialogues recorded by native speakers

  • Award-winning teaching method used by millions of learners worldwide

  • Tailored, engaging and real-world content at beginner and advanced levels

  • Content covering all aspects of learning: speaking, writing, reading and listening

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