Introduction to the Danish language

Denmark has 1,400 islands under its name, with 400 of them classified. The intellectual and business capital of the country is Copenhagen. Its language Danish is spoken by around 6 million speakers and is an official language in Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

Springboard to Nordic languages

Did you know that the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world? Perhaps you want to explore it as a traveller yourself, or to find work in their economic powerhouse. It's so much easier when you speak even a little of the Danish language. If you challenge yourself to learn Danish, you'll find that you are already halfway to learning Norwegian! In fact, Scandinavian languages all share a number of similarities and you will be able to learn another far quicker if you speak Danish. The Danish lifestyle trend of Hygge or cosy living has become a world sensation, but imagine if you could really understand the rich and complex Danish culture in its own language? You'd be able to order Smørrebrød and Frikadeller with confidence or summer in Zealand, making new friends in the process.


Open up a world of possibilities

Languages certainly do open up the world, and the Danish language will challenge your mind, enhance your CV and make new friendships entirely possible. But how will you learn? Some people are tempted by the free language material found online until they find that the quality is variable and that it is packed with distracting advertising! You can also do traditional language courses of course, at an evening class or summer school. These are usually accredited and will take you towards a qualification, but you are limited to the class times and will need to progress at the speed of the class as a whole.

Test first lesson of every course for free

Perhaps Babbel is the best route if you want to learn quickly, on the go and in a way that is really fun and engaging? It's worked for millions of other students worldwide who have learned one or more languages with the expert language course. Research also shows that just 15 hours of language instruction on Babbel is equivalent to a full university semester of classes! It only takes 15 minutes a day to start learning your new language quickly, easily and enjoyably when you choose Babbel. The course content is designed around your needs and is based on real-life situations, such as ordering food, going on a trip or meeting new people.


Features of Babbel

  • A community of fellow learners to motivate and inspire you

  • Danish courses developed by a team of 150+ language experts

  • Hear new Danish words and phrases in local accents for authenticity

  • Voice recognition technology to support you in Danish pronounciation

  • Dynamic review dashboard to track and report on your learning progress

If you're ready to begin learning Danish, you can springboard to success with just your smartphone and the Babbel app! Why not give it a go by accessing your first Danish lesson for free. If you like it, just upgrade your membership and enjoy the entire course. You'll be amazed at how far you can come and in so little time when you learn a new language with Babbel. What are you waiting for?