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Italian is the fourth-most popular choice for language students across the world, and it's not hard to understand why. The language is beautiful, intricate, melodic and the key to appreciating Italy's wonderful arts, culture, gastronomy and history to their fullest. In fact, according to UNESCO, 60% of the world's great historic artworks are to be found in the country -and what better way to appreciate them than by touring with a passionate Italian-speaking art historian? If you are keen to work in tourism or to succeed in fields such as art, archaeology, history, philosophy and literature, it greatly helps to know Italian. Perhaps you want to work in the country's thriving economy, or to order confidently from a menu when you take that next Roman holiday! Keen to make new Italian friends or even to find romance? There are so many reasons to learn Italian, and - even better - the language is also one of the easiest for English speakers to learn. You could find a free course or watch some of the many learning resources available on the internet. However, their quality tends to be variable and they are often packed with advertising. If you have time and are happy to progress at a slower pace, you could take an evening class or a summer school - recognising that progress will typically be limited to the slowest learners in the class and highly structured to an established curriculum.

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Babbel is the modern, tried and tested way to learn Italian fast. It combines the most robust teaching methodologies with tech-driven delivery for a fantastic user experience and a fast route to learning the language. Simply download the Babbel app for free, set up a user account, pick your language and try your first class. Your programme is entirely tailored to your learning needs, passions and interests and the course gets you speaking Italian words from the very first bite-sized lesson! With ongoing feedback, dynamic review sessions and your own personal progress dashboard it is easy to measure your progress. Students are proven to learn faster with Babbel than they would with a traditional classroom-based approach, and Babbel also integrates other exciting learning resources, such as rich media, social channels and the chance to network with a global community of language students just like you.

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  • 15-minute lessons

  • Interactive progress dashboard

  • Fun, changing and engaging content

  • Bite-sized courses tailored around learner interests

  • Voice-recognition technology to correct pronounciation

  • Encourages learners to speak Italian words from the first lesson

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In conclusion, if you are serious about learning Italian quickly and effectively, Babbel could be the best choice for you. Even better, you can try your first lesson for free, regardless of the level that you are at. Simply register and see if you like it! If you are keen to progress and begin speaking your new language in no time at all, you can just upgrade your account and pay the affordable monthly subscription fee for 3, 6 or 12 months. You may even find that your Italian language success encourages you to pick one of the other dozen languages offered by Babbel; many of the programme's students go on to learn several!

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