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Learn a new language for free

  • 12 weeks of unlimited access to the Babbel Spanish app and Babbel Live online Spanish classes

  • 1 year voucher for Babbel app

  • 100£ gift card upon fulfilling study requirements

  • Learn with experienced teachers, invested in your success

  • Support language education research while advancing your Spanish proficiency for free

About the study

We are now recruiting participants for a research study evaluating the effectiveness of Babbel’s blended learning method.

A limited number of spots are available–so don’t miss your chance to learn Spanish for free!

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Meet the research team

Our expert research team is composed of academic researchers from Babbel, a seasoned researcher from Columbia University, and a distinguished retired scholar from Yale University, each bringing unique insights and contributions to the field of language learning.

Application process

  • Quick screener survey: Take just a few minutes to complete our brief survey to determine your eligibility and match you with the study.

  • Matching process: Our team will carefully review your responses to see if you’re a match for the study based on your responses.

  • Notification: Participants will receive a confirmation email notifying them of their match and providing detailed information on next steps and study expectations.

  • Secure your spot and start learning: Once you confirm your participation, you will gain exclusive access to Babbel app and Live classes.

Study commitment

  • Clear Timeline: The 12-week study will launch in March 2024 and run through May.

  • Surveys: Participants will complete short surveys every 4 weeks.

  • Language tests: Participants will all complete reading and listening tests at the end of the study (in June 2024), plus an oral proficiency test if randomly selected.

  • Consistent participation: We recommend participants dedicate consistent time and effort–at least 3 to 4 hours per week.

  • Adherence to study guidelines: Follow the study protocols and requirements to ensure consistency and reliability in data collection.

What are the study’s primary goals?

We're on a mission to uncover just how effective Babbel’s blended learning method is to learn Spanish by putting both the Babbel App and Babbel Live classes to the test, zooming in on learning outcomes and your experiences. We want to understand which features really boost your learning gains and gather insights about your unique experiences along the way.

What is Babbel’s blended learning method?

Babbel’s blended learning method has been designed and fine-tuned by our team of language experts: It’s a combination of online individual study (via our platform) and 55-minute video lessons with certified teachers.

Why learn Spanish with an app?

Learning a language with the Babbel App offers many benefits over the conventional classroom-based environment. First, in our current dynamic world, flexibility is key, and that’s why Babbel offers a variety of learning methods. The Babbel App puts access to real native Spanish speakers from different regions in the user’s pocket, offering valuable exposure to authentic Spanish conversations, accents and materials. Babbel’s unique speech recognition technology also makes pronouncing Spanish as authentic as it is flexible, guiding users on how to speak Spanish like a local. Plus, for students who do want that live classroom experience for their Spanish course, there’s Babbel Live: accredited native-speaker instructors and tailored classes, all on the user’s schedule.

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