Help Crown the UK’s Punniest Shop Name

Join Babbel in a nationwide search for the UK’s best pun-powered shop name..

Puns are a very British pastime, and form the backbone of many cringe-inducing dad jokes. However, our amusement at such word play is completely baffling to many overseas. Babbel is celebrating this peculiarly British form of humour by launching a nationwide search for the UK’s best pun-powered shop name..!

From well-known Scottish chippie The Frying Scotsman to Brighton’s infamous cleaning service Spruce Springclean, we're on a quest to find the shops across the UK that have eschewed conventional naming rules, instead opting for a sign above the door that’s memorable for its wit and imagination. We need you to help us find the very best.

UK Shop Name Competition
  • Who can enter?

Babbel's search is open to EVERY citizen of the United Kingdom.

  • The winner(s)

The British public will crown the UK’s punniest shop name, and select their regional champions.

  • The shortlist

We've scoured social media - TikTok, Insta, X, and Facebook - in order to shortlist the most photographed and discussed shop puns from every region in the UK. After some serious chuckles, we've curated the top contenders.

Here at Babbel, we love language - and quirky puns demonstrate just how fun languages can be.

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