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Babbel’s courses make learning Spanish simple

Babbel offers a different way to achieve Spanish fluency. While traditional language courses rely on classroom time, repetitive memorisation, and complex grammar exercises, our products are very different. Instead, our courses are always based around conversations and the kind of language used in everyday life, helping learners get to grips with Spanish as it’s spoken in Barcelona or Madrid.

There are so many excellent reasons to learn Spanish with Babbel. Most importantly, the language is spoken by around 500 million people across the globe, and is used by people in countries as diverse as Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, and Argentina. Spanish is truly a global language, and is a wonderful skill to possess as you travel the world. It’s also a major business language. With huge markets in Latin America, there can be great benefits in knowing how to communicate with Spanish-speaking customers. Then there’s the beauty of Spanish poetry and literature. Whether you want to read masterpieces by Cervantes or Lorca, or understand all of Shakira’s lyrics, learning the language is easy to achieve.

Babbel’s courses provide a practical way to gain proficiency. Our experts have worked hard to come up with an app that actually delivers, helping learners retain the vocabulary and sentences they learn, instead of forgetting everything soon after courses finish. When you enroll in a Babbel Spanish course, you will be able to immerse yourself in Spanish as it is actually spoken. We don’t use actors to speak in unrealistic ways that stress every syllable. Instead, our courses expose learners to real Spanish conversations. Babbel’s language courses also have built-in voice recognition, to help the learner improve pronunciation and fluency - the ideal preparation for visiting Spain or Latin America.

The most effective way to learn Spanish on the go

Courses can also be tailored to the individual interests of every learner, ensuring that materials are relevant and engaging. And each course aims to build the confidence required to ask directions in Seville, or converse in the tapas bars of Barcelona. We don’t want learners to simply learn how to find the finest Croquetas de Jamón in town. We want our Spanish courses to prepare them to get out and use the language they learn, straight away.

Signing up for Spanish courses with Babbel couldn’t be easier. We offer subscription-based packages of 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month durations, so learners can take things at their own pace. As a bonus, the first lesson of every course is provided free of charge, giving a taste for the benefits of completing every stage. And if you aren’t sure about committing to a complete course, don’t worry. Our 20-day guarantee allows learners to cancel before they pay for the whole subscription. So, open up a whole new range of possibilities, and hone your Spanish skills with Babbel - the easiest route to lasting language proficiency.


An easy introduction to Spanish: basic vocab, grammar, and pronunciation.

View "Newcomer"

Beginner I

Learn the most important expressions for everyday life and the basics of Spanish grammar and pronunciation.

View "Beginner I"

Beginner II

Discover more words and expressions for many different life situations.

View "Beginner II"


Consolidate what you've learnt and start expressing yourself in a more nuanced way.

View "Pre-intermediate"


Improve your skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing at an intermediate level.

View "Intermediate"


Continue reinforcing your skills: practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing at an independent level.

View "Independent"


Here you'll practice the subtleties of Spanish, learn some slang, and get a few cultural insights.

View "Advanced"


Ideal for anyone who studied Spanish a long time ago or wants to test their knowledge.

View "Refresher"


Easy grammar: drills and exercises with clear and concrete examples.

View "Grammar"

Business Spanish

These courses focused on Mexican Spanish get you prepped for meetings, emails, and other office situations.

View "Business Spanish"

Listening and Speaking

Here you'll find courses which will help you to focus on your listening and speaking skills.

View "Listening and Speaking"

Countries and Traditions

In these courses you won't just learn the language, but also about the countries in which Spanish is spoken.

View "Countries and Traditions"


Looking for something special? Here you will find a range of courses!

View "Specials"

Words and Sentences

Improve and expand your vocabulary: over 3000 words and 1000 useful sentences you can use in everyday life.

View "Words and Sentences"

Spanish pronunciation

With the integrated speech recognition tool you can test and practice your pronunciation. It works directly in the browser. You will only need a microphone and the latest Flash-Player.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary

Learn online grammar, vocabulary and phrases, practice in optimal intervals: At Babbel, you’ll get the basic and advanced vocabulary for Spanish. The Review Manager makes sure that you’ll exercise the vocabulary and grammar rules that were hard for you.

iPhone app

You can use the Spanish iPhone app together with the Babbel website. Your learning progress will be synchronized between them, so you can learn and review anywhere, anytime.