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Learning Dutch Online

Dutch is a Germanic language spoken by over 20 million people across the world, primarily the natives of Belgium and Netherlands. It is the sixth most spoken language in the European Union and it is, therefore, very beneficial to learn this language. Every large company or organisation today has a diverse and varied clientele, along with worldwide operations. With clients and colleagues speaking Dutch, knowing the language gives you an added advantage while dealing with both. Clear communication will lead to harmony on the work front, and more contracts and deals with clients and benefactors. Learning Dutch can be very beneficial for a student too, as the Netherlands is a great place and a great education destination for foreign students. Moreover, expats living in Netherlands or Dutch-speaking regions may feel out of place if they do not know the language. This helps them be a part of the place they are staying in, rather than a mere observer. Knowing Dutch will prove great if you plan to travel to any other Dutch speaking country too. Taking time to learn the language of a place indicates the respect you have for that place. It gives people around you the feeling that you value the cultural and linguistic differences, and are willing to adapt to them in the best possible way. This helps you meet new people and increase your circle of friends. It will help you enjoy your stay there better, as your newly-made Dutch friends can take you to places that are otherwise hidden from tourists’ view.

Different Methods to Learn Dutch

There are several ways you can learn this language:

Learning Dutch online with Babbel

Bringing to you an efficient and effective way to learn Dutch online, Babbel provides a host of multimedia tools to help you learn Dutch online. Learning Dutch online becomes fun and interesting on Babbel.com as our Dutch online course combines several audio-visual activities and exercises with free mobile apps for your iPhone and Android. Babbel’s Dutch online course offers interactive exercises to learn Dutch vocabulary in a systematic and fun manner. Learning Dutch online with Babbel’s Dutch online course is now even easier, thanks to our apps that help strengthen your knowledge of the language. Innovative features along with a user-friendly and ad-free web interface make Babbel a perfect place to learn Dutch online.