Norwegian phrases and common sentences

Norway is a country located in Northwestern Europe. A fantastic destination for both travel as well as employment, Norway offers many opportunities to those mastering its language. For individuals with English as their first language, Norwegian phrases are surprisingly easy to acquire.


Reasons to learn Norwegian phrases

With 6 million Norwegian speakers across Europe, this is a language worth having! And the good news for English speakers is that it is relatively easy to pick up, as both have Germanic roots, similar word orders and plenty of shared cognates. If you learn Norwegian you can also far more easily learn other languages from this part of the world such as Danish, taking you well on the way to becoming a Grade A polymath! So few English people speak Norwegian that the locals love it if they meet a Brit who has made the effort to learn even a few basic words and phrases. If you can say hello to a local, ask directions, order food and drink in their language and basically show your willingness to experience their culture in an authentic way, you will get far more out of your travel experiences and get to know the real Norway.

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The Norwegian economy is strong and growing, with interesting work opportunities for those who are keen to seek out new horizons. Why not make your CV as strong as possible to employers with operations in the country and learn the language? It's so much easier to make new friends when you can speak with them. Yes, many Norwegians speak English, but you will be a far more effective global citizen if you can repay the compliment! Some people read newspapers, others take evening classes. Some listen to podcasts and others peruse online content. But these methods all have their limitations - from being of varied quality, to being packed with advertising, or simply difficult to fit around a busy schedule. The more modern and effective way to learn Norwegian is to use an award-winning language programme via an app, such as Babbel.

What are some useful Norwegian phrases for beginners?

  • Good morning/good evening = God morgen/god kveld

  • My name is = Jeg heter

  • Please = Vær så snill

  • Thank you = Takk

  • How are you? = Hvordan har du det?

  • I’m sorry = Beklager

  • Goodbye = Ha det

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